It's a cultural thing...
This is by no means a complete list of Martial Art Terms. I have included terms from various countries.
I hope that a little bit of knowledge will help your experience be more enjoyable.
ActionAction: A referee's command to the wrestlers to begin wrestling.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
Arm controlArm control:Controlling the opponent's arms.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
Belly-to-back soupleA hold where a wrestler throws his opponent in a wide arc of movement while holding the opponent from behind.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
Body lockA hold in which a wrestler locks arms around the body of his opponent before taking him to the mat.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
BridgeBridge:The arched position a wrestler adopts to avoid his back touching the mat.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
Bridge outBridge out:A move used to escape an opponent by rolling from a bridge onto the stomach.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
Central circleCentral circle:The small inner circle of the wrestling mat.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
Central wrestling areaCentral wrestling area:The circle on a wrestling mat between the central circle and the passivity zone.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
Danger positionDanger position:A position in which an opponent holds a wrestler's back at less than a right angle to the mat.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
DefaultDefault:A win declared when the opponent is disqualified or injured too badly to wrestle, and does not appear when his name is called for the bout.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
Double-leg tackleDouble-leg tackle:A move in which a wrestler takes down his opponent by holding the opponent's legs with his arm and tackling him.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
FallFall:Forcing an opponent's shoulders to the mat for a touch to halt and win the bout.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
Fleeing the holdFleeing the hold:This is where a wrestler refuses to fight on the mat, and his opponent is given one point.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
Fleeing the matFleeing the mat:This is where a wrestler leaves the mat voluntarily, and his opponent is given one point.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
FreestyleFreestyle:A form of wrestling in which wrestlers may use their arms, bodies and legs and may hold opponents above or below the waist.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
Grand amplitudeGrand amplitude:A throw in which an opponent's centre of gravity is higher than a wrestler who is trying to throw him.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
Greco-RomanGreco-Roman:A traditional form of wrestling in which wrestlers may use only their arms and upper bodies to attack and may hold only those parts of their opponents.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
Gut wrenchGut wrench:A move where a wrestler rolls his opponent across him on his back while bridging.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
OpenOpen:The referee's command for a wrestler to change his position and adopt more open tactics.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
Par terrePar terre:On the mat, as in the "par terre" position, the starting position in which one wrestler has his hands and knees on the mat and the other wrestler is kneeling beside him with two hands on his back; also called the referee's position.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
PassivityPassivity:Stalling; adopting a "negative" approach to a bout by appearing to avoid the action.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
Passivity zonePassivity zone:The outer circle on a wrestling mat.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
PinPin:Another term for "fall".Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
Qualifying roundQualifying round:Bouts wrestled to obtain the ideal divisible number to begin the direct elimination.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
Repechage roundRepechage round:Bouts wrestled by the losers against the two finalists during the competition to decide who wins one of the two bronze medals.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
RoundRound:Each bout is divided into three separate rounds lasting two minutes, with a 30-second break between each round. The wrestler who wins two rounds wins the bout.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
SoupleSouple:A hold where a wrestler throws his opponent spectacularly.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
TakedownTakedown:To take an opponent from a standing position to the ground.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
Technical pointsTechnical points:Points scored during the matchGreco-Roman WrestlingGreek
Technical superiorityTechnical superiority:A win declared in a bout when one wrestler gains a 6-point lead on the other.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
abadacapoeira pants; a capoeira groupCapoeriaBrazil
Abangto wait defensivelyArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Abanicofan; also spelled "abaniko"Arnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Abanico sa Itaasupper flywheelArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
AbaraRibsjiu jitsuJapan
Abecedario"ABC's"; the basicsArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Abiertaopen positionArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
academiagym or capoeira schoolCapoeriaBrazil
AenkenProtecting instep and shinMuay ThaiThailand
Agawto seize, disarm or take awayArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Agaw-Sandatadisarming & retrieval of the weaponArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
AgeRisingjiu jitsuJapan
Age TsukiRising punchKarateJapan
Age UkeRising blockKarateJapan
Ago Jaw/chinjiu jitsuJapan
AiHarmonyjiu jitsuJapan
Ai hanmi Uke and tori in identical stancesjiu jitsuJapan
Ai uchi Simultaneous strikejiu jitsuJapan
Aiki Harmonyjiu jitsuJapan
Aiki Jutsu A style of jiu jitsu from which Aikido was primarily developedjiu jitsuJapan
AikidoThe way of harmony with kiAikidoJapan
Aikido Martial Art style formed by Morihei Ueshiba taking techniques from many styles, including Daito-Ryu Aiki-Jutsu.jiu jitsuJapan
AikidokaStudent of Aikidojiu jitsuJapan
AiteOpponentjiu jitsuJapan
Ai-yotsuSame grip used by both persons, either right or leftJudoJapan
AkiAutumnAkiAutumn; used to describe the major tournament in September.SumoJapan
Aldabisdiagonal cut, strike or uppercutArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
ALLEZ - BeginALLEZ - BeginSavateFrance
Alpabetoalphabet; the basicsArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
alunostudent; student of a capoeira masterCapoeriaBrazil
Am nuay phawnBlessingMuay ThaiThailand
An ChagiAn Chagi- Inner Crescent KickTaekwondoKorea
An Jin Sohn ChigiAn Jin Sohn Chigi- Arc Hand StrikeTaekwondoKorea
An Palmok MakiAn Palmok Maki- Inner Forearm BlockTaekwondoKorea
An Sohn Nal MakiAn Sohn Nal Maki- Inner Knife Hand BlockTaekwondoKorea
AndapRatingMuay ThaiThailand
angolaslower traditional style of capoeira performed closer to the ground; rhythm of angolaCapoeriaBrazil
angoleiroa practitioner of the angola styleCapoeriaBrazil
Antaslevel or degreeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Antawlong rangeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Ao! Jai !Sai!Ready to fight or pay attentionMuay ThaiThailand
Ap Cha OlligiAp Cha Olligi- Front Leg RaisingTaekwondoKorea
Ap ChagAp Chagi- Front KickTaekwondoKorea
Ap Dolliyo ChagiAp Dolliyo Chagi- Front Turning KickTaekwondoKorea
Ap Horyo ChagiAp Horyo Chagi- Hook KickTaekwondoKorea
Ap JireugiAp Jireugi- Front PunchTaekwondoKorea
Ap KobiAp Kobi- Long StanceTaekwondoKorea
Ap SogiAp Sogi- Walking StanceTaekwondoKorea
apanharto be beatenCapoeriaBrazil
aramewire; wire of a berimbauCapoeriaBrazil
ArashiStormjiu jitsuJapan
Arawsun or dayArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
ARBITREARBITRE RefereeSavateFrance
Aree MakiAree Maki- Lower (or, Leg) BlockTaekwondoKorea
AreeAree- LegsTaekwondoKorea
Arigato Gozaimasu Thank youjiu jitsuJapan
ArigatoThank you (informal)jiu jitsuJapan
Arm throwArm throw:A move in which a wrestler throws his opponent over his shoulder by holding the opponent's arm.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
armadanavy; basic spinning kicks used in capoeiraCapoeriaBrazil
ArmeARME- Ready position before a kickSavateFrance
Arnisharness; northern philippine martial artArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Arnis de Mano"Armor of the Hand"; systemArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Arnisadorstick fighterArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
arrastaocapoeira takedown, pulling both legs from under an opponentCapoeriaBrazil
ARRIEREARRIERE - Rear, Behind, Backward motionSavateFrance
AshiFoot / anklejiu jitsuJapan
Ashi BaraiFoot sweepKarateJapan
Ashi WazaFoot techniquesJudoJapan
Ashi-kubiAnkle - neck of the footjiu jitsuJapan
AsokoOver therejiu jitsuJapan
ASSAUTASSAUT - Light contact contest emphasizing technical skillSavateFrance
atabaquelarge drum used in capoeira rodasCapoeriaBrazil
Atama Top of the headjiu jitsuJapan
ataqueattacking move or movement initiativeCapoeriaBrazil
Atemi Strikejiu jitsuJapan
Atemi WazaStriking techniquesJudoJapan
Ato Move backjiu jitsuJapan
Atrasretreat or backwardArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
AUTORISEAUTORISE - Allowed, authorisedSavateFrance
avisoa berimbau beat, indicated what kind of game will be playedCapoeriaBrazil
Awase TsukiU-punchKarateJapan
axcapoeira energy or manaCapoeriaBrazil
Ayumi AshiOrdinary pattern of walkingJudoJapan
Ba8Kung Fu/WushuChina
Ba shi80Kung Fu/WushuChina
Ba Tang Sohn MakBa Tang Sohn Maki- Palm Heel BlockTaekwondoKorea
BaakMouthMuay ThaiThailand
Babagworry; troubleArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Bagonew or beforeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Bagong-Pasokentry level studentArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Bagsakto drop; overhead strike with down weighingArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
BahiaBrazlian state on the eastern coast (see Salvador)CapoeriaBrazil
Bai100Kung Fu/WushuChina
Bai wan1000000Kung Fu/WushuChina
Baitanglevel or stagesArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Bakat ChagBakat Chagi- Outer Crescent KickTaekwondoKorea
Bakat Palmok MakiBakat Palmok Maki- Outer Forearm BlockTaekwondoKorea
Bakat Sohn Nal MakiBakat Sohn Nal Maki- Outer Knife Hand BlockTaekwondoKorea
Bakbakana rumble or free-for-all fightArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
BalanceBALANCE - Leg swingSavateFrance
Baligtadreverse or inside outArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Balikreturn or retreatArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Balisong"butterfly knife"Arnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
bambaa master of physical sparring and wordplay; also a capoeira expertCapoeriaBrazil
Banatanfull-contact fightingArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
bandaband; movement to trip or flank an opponentCapoeriaBrazil
Bandi JireugiBandi Jireugi- Obverse PunchTaekwondoKorea
Bansay-bansaytraining or drillsArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Bantayguard or watchArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Bantay-Kamaysupport or "alive" handArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
BanzukeBanzukeThe official list of all participating rikishi in a tournament.SumoJapan
baquetastick used to strike the wire of the berimbauCapoeriaBrazil
Bara-barawild or formless techniqueArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Barai Sweepjiu jitsuJapan
Baro JireugiBaro Jireugi- Reverse PunchTaekwondoKorea
barraventa berimbau rhythm; alludes to a trance before spiritual possesionCapoeriaBrazil
Bartikalvertical cut/strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
BASBAS - Low (level)SavateFrance
basethe ginga, the fundamental movementCapoeriaBrazil
BassaiTo break a defencejiu jitsuJapan
BatBlockMuay ThaiThailand
baterto beatCapoeriaBrazil
Bati-Batiusing the butt of the stickArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Batikannoteworthy; certified expertArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
batizadothe capoeira initiation ceremony; baptismCapoeriaBrazil
BatsugunInstant promotionJudoJapan
BattoTo draw the swordjiu jitsuJapan
Battojutsu Sword-drawing artjiu jitsuJapan
batuquestreet capoeiraCapoeriaBrazil
Baywangthe hipArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
BeiBackKung Fu/WushuChina
beija florhumming bird (flower kisser); flourishCapoeriaBrazil
Below the beltBelow the belt-Below the belt means just as it indicated a punch thrown that is below an imaginary belt that would run from the belly button to the top of the hips. Any punch thrown in this area is an illegal strike.BoxingUSA
bensoblessing; straight kickCapoeriaBrazil
Bensoku Dachi.Cross-legged stance (also known as female horse stance or Kosa Dachi)KarateJapan
beribawood for making berimbauCapoeriaBrazil
berimbauone-stringed precussion instrument resembling a bowCapoeriaBrazil
besourobeetle; legendary capoeirista from the turn of the centuryCapoeriaBrazil
Bian tuiRoundhousekickKung Fu/WushuChina
Bigayto giveArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Bigay-balilock release techniqueArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Bimba (Mestre)creator of the Regional styleCapoeriaBrazil
Binahagicut into partsArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Binalibreak or reverseArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
BisaiCompetitionKung Fu/WushuChina
Bisigthe armArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Bituereo ChagiBituereo Chagi- Twisting KickTaekwondoKorea
BiziNoseKung Fu/WushuChina
BloqueeBLOQUEE - BlockSavateFrance
Bo 6 foot staffjiu jitsuJapan
Bo Chumok Wrapped FistsTaekwondoKorea
Body throwBody throw:A move in which a wrestler locks arms around the body of his opponent and throws him to the mat.Greco-Roman WrestlingGreek
Bojutsu The art of the bo-staffjiu jitsuJapan
BokkenWooden katana length swordjiu jitsuJapan
BokutoWooden swordjiu jitsuJapan
Bom SogiBom Sogi- Tiger StanceTaekwondoKorea
BookAttackMuay ThaiThailand
Boshiken TsukiThumb fistKarateJapan
BoxeBOXE - BoxingSavateFrance
Boxing boutBoxing bout-A boxing bout is a boxing match consisting of rounds with a one minute breaks usually referring to amateur fights.BoxingUSA
BrasBRAS - ArmSavateFrance
Brasothe armArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
brincarto play like a childCapoeriaBrazil
Bsa dian ba fen8,8 pointsKung Fu/WushuChina
BuMartialjiu jitsuJapan
Bu faStance techniquesKung Fu/WushuChina
Bu huiNo (lit: not can)Kung Fu/WushuChina
Bu leiNo (lit: not exhausted)Kung Fu/WushuChina
Bu ming baiDon't understand (the meaning)Kung Fu/WushuChina
Buahcombination of footwork and form; application of techniqueArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
BudoMartial waysJudoJapan
BudokaMartial Artistjiu jitsuJapan
Buhatfrom or liftArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Buhat Arawan overhead strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
BujutsuFighting arts of the Japanese warrior class (Samurai)jiu jitsuJapan
Bukasopen positionArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Buklisupward figure 8Arnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Bulusokpowerful overhead or diagonal strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
BunkaiApplication of formjiu jitsuJapan
Bunotakedown or throwsArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Bunotto draw a swordArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Bunot Kalubanan upward slash followed by a downward slash; a drawing and slashing techniqueArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
BuokShin block, also called kaakMuay ThaiThailand
BushiJapanese warrior classjiu jitsuJapan
Bushido The way of the warriorjiu jitsuJapan
Caballerotechniques from Grandmaster CaballeroArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
cabeadaan attack with the headCapoeriaBrazil
Cadena de Manochain of handsArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Cai fuUniform used for competitionsKung Fu/WushuChina
CaipanRefereeKung Fu/WushuChina
capoeiristapractioners of capoeiraCapoeriaBrazil
Careracycling movement or spinArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
CASQUECASQUE - HeadguardSavateFrance
cavalariacavalry; a berimbau rhythm formerly used to warn of a police raidCapoeriaBrazil
caxixirattle played with the berimbauCapoeriaBrazil
Ce kong fanCartwheel without handsKung Fu/WushuChina
Ce kong fan zhuan tiCartwheel without hands and a fullKung Fu/WushuChina
Ce shuai tuiSide kickKung Fu/WushuChina
Ce tiWushu side stretchkickKung Fu/WushuChina
Centro Bastonholding the stick in the middleArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Cerradaclose; closed fighting positionArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Cha Jun Bal ChagiCha Jun Bal Chagi- Skipping KickTaekwondoKorea
Cha kwa neeSlowerMuay ThaiThailand
Chagi UndongChagi Undong- Kicking ExcerciseTaekwondoKorea
ChagiChagi- KickTaekwondoKorea
ChaikrongFloating ribsMuay ThaiThailand
chamadacall; berimbau rhythm to call attentionCapoeriaBrazil
ChampChampionMuay ThaiThailand
Chanko-nabeChanko-nabeA stew unique to sumo where a myriad of fish, meat, vegetables, and noodles are added to a thick broth. Chanko-nabe, along with rice and beer, is the staple diet for the sumo rikishi.SumoJapan
ChariotChariot- AttentionTaekwondoKorea
Chariot SogiChariot Sogi- Attention StanceTaekwondoKorea
CHASSE CHASSE - Driving or forcing awaySavateFrance
CHASSE D'ARRETCHASSE D'ARRET - A stopping kick to the bodySavateFrance
CHASSE LATERAL CHASSE LATERAL - Side kick - using the heel of the shoe to 'smash'SavateFrance
Ched7Muay ThaiThailand
Chiburi Shaking excess blood from the blade of a swordjiu jitsuJapan
ChigiChigi- StrikeTaekwondoKorea
ChokFightMuay ThaiThailand
ChokkakuRight anglesjiu jitsuJapan
Choku TsukiStraight punchKarateJapan
Choku Straightjiu jitsuJapan
Chokusen A straight linejiu jitsuJapan
Chokusen no irimi To enter behind an opponentjiu jitsuJapan
ChoonbiChoonbi- ReadyTaekwondoKorea
Choonbi SogChoonbi Sogi- Ready StanceTaekwondoKorea
Choraked faad hangTurn Kick, literally: "crocodile thrashes its tail"Muay ThaiThailand
Chototsu Atemi point between the eyesjiu jitsuJapan
ChudanMiddle areaKarateJapan
Chudan UkeInside circular blockKarateJapan
Chudan Middle (of body, i.e. torso).jiu jitsuJapan
ChuiPenalty (no longer used)JudoJapan
ChumokChumok- FistTaekwondoKorea
Chumoku-ichibanChumoku-ichibanThe most anticipated bout of the day.SumoJapan
Chung YongChung Yong- Blue DragonTaekwondoKorea
ChungChung- BlueTaekwondoKorea
chutarto kickCapoeriaBrazil
Cinco Teros"5 strikes"Arnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
cintura desprezadaacrobatic exercises to help capoeiristas land on their feetCapoeriaBrazil
ClinchClinch-The clinch is a last resort defensive technique used by tired fighters or tie up an opponent to regain energy or prevent being struck.BoxingUSA
cocorinhasquatting movementCapoeriaBrazil
CoinCOIN - CornerSavateFrance
CombatCOMBAT - Full-power contestSavateFrance
CombinationsCombinations-A combination is a series of punches stringed together as effective means of striking an opponent. Using multiple combinations makes it much harder to read a fighter.BoxingUSA
compasso jogadothrown compass; flourishCapoeriaBrazil
comprarto buy; entering the circle by cutting in on another playerCapoeriaBrazil
COMPTE COMPTE - CountSavateFrance
Contradaopposite or counterArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
contramestreone level below a masterCapoeriaBrazil
COQUILLE COQUILLE - Shell (groin Protector)SavateFrance
cordacolored belt awarded to mark advancement in some academiesCapoeriaBrazil
cordobig cordCapoeriaBrazil
CORPSCORPS - BodySavateFrance
corridoscall and response songs accompanying action in the circleCapoeriaBrazil
Cortoclose rangeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
costasback (anatomy); coCapoeriaBrazil
Counter punchCounter punch-A counter punch is when you wait for an opponent to throw a punch and either parry or slip the punch and retaliate with a strike of your own.BoxingUSA
COUPCOUP - BlowSavateFrance
COUP DE PIED BASCOUP DE PIED BAS - Low kick, using the inside arch of the shoe to 'cut' or sweepSavateFrance
CROCHET Bras Arriere CROCHET Bras Arriere - Hook (punch) with the rear handSavateFrance
CROCHET Bras Avant CROCHET Bras Avant - Hook (punch) with the front handSavateFrance
CROISE CROISE - CrossedSavateFrance
Crossadato crossArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Cruzadacross-block and strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Da teng kongDoing the jumpsKung Fu/WushuChina
Da tuiThighsKung Fu/WushuChina
Dachi Stancejiu jitsuJapan
DadsinTo judge or to decide somethingMuay ThaiThailand
Dagadagger or short stickArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
DaihuachaiVital point under the heartMuay ThaiThailand
DaishoLong and short - the collective name for a katana and wakizashijiu jitsuJapan
Daitai The thighjiu jitsuJapan
DaitoLong swordjiu jitsuJapan
Dakopto catchArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Dakotto scoopArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Dalawampu't Isatwenty-oneArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Damdamfeel or sensitivityArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Damdam-Diwasensitivity; being awareArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
DanBlack belt rankJudoJapan
Dan leveljiujitsuJapan
Dan pai jiaoSlap kick - Slap hand and foot kickKung Fu/WushuChina
Dan ti chong quanSingle leg kick with fist punchKung Fu/WushuChina
Dan ti chong zhangSingle leg kick with palm punchKung Fu/WushuChina
Dan Black belt gradesjiu jitsuJapan
Danpatsu-shikiDanpatsu-shikiRetirement ceremony that involves the cutting of a rikishi's topknot.SumoJapan
de Cadena"the chain"Arnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
de Cuerdas"to chord"; systemArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Deai Pushjiu jitsuJapan
DebanaInstant of opportunity to break balance as opponent initiates a motionJudoJapan
defesadefense; defensive moveCapoeriaBrazil
DegeikoDegeikoVisiting a different stable and practicing with the rikishi there. Usually, a sekitori will do this when there are no other sekitori in his stable to practice with.SumoJapan
DenkobanDenkobanThe lit-up panel hanging high above the seats that lists the days matches and results. The rikishi names are written in black kanji characters on a white background. A red line signifies the winner of the bout.SumoJapan
Depensadefense; person taking defensive role in trainingArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
DEPLACEMENTDEPLACEMENT (also DECALAGE) - Distancing movement or motionSavateFrance
desequilibrantemovement that unbalances the opponentCapoeriaBrazil
DeshiDeshiAn apprentice or understudy. Used to describe the lower-ranked rikishi in a stable.SumoJapan
DeshiStudentjiu jitsuJapan
DianDot or kommaKung Fu/WushuChina
Dib-dibthe chestArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Diinto put pressure onArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Dikitclose, attached or shortArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Dikitanvery close or close quartersArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Ding buT-stanceKung Fu/WushuChina
DIRECT Bras Arriere DIRECT Bras Arriere - Rear hand Straight punch (Cross)SavateFrance
DIRECT Bras AvantDIRECT Bras Avant - Lead hand Straight punch (Jab)SavateFrance
discpulodisciple, student of a capoeira masterCapoeriaBrazil
Djab koGrabbing - clinchingMuay ThaiThailand
Djog yanRoundhouse kick to the thighs.Muay ThaiThailand
DoWayjiu jitsuJapan
DoDo- WayTaekwondoKorea
Doble Bastondouble stick trainingArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Dobletedouble or repeatArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
DobokDobok- UniformTaekwondoKorea
dobroold brazlian coin used to play a berimbau often substitued with a rockCapoeriaBrazil
Doce Pares"12 pairs or 12 strikes"; systemArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
DogiA martial artist's uniformjiu jitsuJapan
DohyoDohyoThe clay ring in which a sumo match takes place.SumoJapan
Dohyo-iriDohyo-iriThe ring-entering ceremony.SumoJapan
Dohyo-matsuriDohyo-matsuriThe ceremony to purify the dohyo on the first day of a tournament.SumoJapan
DojangDojang- Training HallTaekwondoKorea
DojoMartial arts practice halljiu jitsuJapan
DojoSchool or training hall for studying the wayJudoJapan
Dolliyo ChagiDolliyo Chagi- Turning KickTaekwondoKorea
DomoThanks (informal)jiu jitsuJapan
Domo Arigato Thank you (formal)jiu jitsuJapan
Domo Arigato Gozaimas'taThank you very much (very formal) (for something that has just ended)jiu jitsuJapan
Domo Arigato Gozaimasu Thank you very much (very formal) (for something that is happening)jiu jitsuJapan
Dontree muayThe music played during a muay thai matchMuay ThaiThailand
Doong ChumokDoong Chumok- Back FistTaekwondoKorea
DoriGrabjiu jitsuJapan
Dos Labahastwo bladesArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Dos Manostwo handsArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Dos Manos Largostwo hands with long stickArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Dosa Movementsjiu jitsuJapan
Doshu Masterjiu jitsuJapan
DozoPleasejiu jitsuJapan
DROIT - RightDROIT - RightSavateFrance
DtaaEyesMuay ThaiThailand
DtaeTo kick - kickMuay ThaiThailand
Dtae kaoKnee kickMuay ThaiThailand
Dtae kradotJump kickMuay ThaiThailand
Dtae pub nokKick to the outside of the kneeMuay ThaiThailand
Dtae tadLow sweeping kickMuay ThaiThailand
Dtae taoTo kick with the footMuay ThaiThailand
Dtae wiangRound kickMuay ThaiThailand
DtaiTo dieMuay ThaiThailand
DtaiVital point - kidneysMuay ThaiThailand
Dtai kaoKnee kick from the side.Muay ThaiThailand
DteeTo hitMuay ThaiThailand
Dtee matTo hit with the fistMuay ThaiThailand
Dtee sawkLiterally: "Boxing Air" - Box with the wind / airMuay ThaiThailand
DtoiTo box - boxingMuay ThaiThailand
Dtoi LomShaddow boxing - FormsMuay ThaiThailand
Duebom JireugiDuebom Jireugi- Double PunchTaekwondoKorea
Dukopto catchArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Dukotto snatch or seize unexpectedly, to reach outArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Dulothe tip of the stickArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Dumogfilipino grappling artArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Dungab"heaven" or "hammer" gripArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Dungabto strike with the fistArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Dwi ChagiDwi Chagi- Back KickTaekwondoKorea
Dwi KobiDwi Kobi- Back StanceTaekwondoKorea
Eebon QurogeeEebon Qurogee- Two Step SparringTaekwondoKorea
EkuOar, used as a weapon in Okinawan Karate.jiu jitsuJapan
Elastico"rubber band art"; systemArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
EmpiThe elbowjiu jitsuJapan
EmpiElbow strikeKarateJapan
EmpiElbow strikeKarateJapan
EnRoundjiu jitsuJapan
ENCHAINEMEN TENCHAINEMEN T- Sequence of blows, combinationSavateFrance
Enganyofake or feintArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Enten-jizuiMoving and turning freelyAikidoJapan
entrarto enter; to enter in the rodaCapoeriaBrazil
Eotgesreo MakiEotgesreo Maki- Cross Wrist BlockTaekwondoKorea
Equis"X" or "X" shaped strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Er2Kung Fu/WushuChina
Er bai200Kung Fu/WushuChina
Er shi20Kung Fu/WushuChina
Er shi er22Kung Fu/WushuChina
Er shi san23Kung Fu/WushuChina
Er shi yi21Kung Fu/WushuChina
Eri Collar / lapeljiu jitsuJapan
Eri jacket collarjiujitsuJapan
EriCollar, lapelJudoJapan
Eskrima"skirmish"; filipino martial artArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Eskrimadorstick fighterArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Espadasword or long stickArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Espada y Dagasword & dagger or long & short stickArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
esquivaescape movement [basic movement]CapoeriaBrazil
ESQUIVE ESQUIVE - Avoiding technique, such as 'slipping' or 'bob & weave'SavateFrance
FaadTo thrash, wipe or swipeMuay ThaiThailand
FaidaengThe red corner of the muay thai ringMuay ThaiThailand
FainamnerngThe blue corner of the muay thai ringMuay ThaiThailand
fazerto do; to makeCapoeriaBrazil
fechadoto be closed; bulletproofCapoeriaBrazil
fecharto closeCapoeriaBrazil
FenPointKung Fu/WushuChina
Fet raoK.O.Muay ThaiThailand
ficarto stayCapoeriaBrazil
FIGUREFIGURE - FaceSavateFrance
FLANCFLANC - SideSavateFrance
floreiosacrobatic movementsCapoeriaBrazil
folha secadry leavesCapoeriaBrazil
formaturagraduation ceremony for a new capoeira masterCapoeriaBrazil
Forth DanYondanKarateJapan
FOUETTE FOUETTE - Whip, using the toe of the shoe to 'stab' when kickingSavateFrance
Fraile"to hit"Arnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
FRAPPEFRAPPE - StrikeSavateFrance
FRONTALFRONTAL - Front, or to the frontSavateFrance
FuWind (as in breeze)jiu jitsuJapan
Fu jiAbdominalsKung Fu/WushuChina
FudoRootedjiu jitsuJapan
Fudo DachiFree stanceKarateJapan
FudoshinImmovable spiritJudoJapan
Fukushiki-kokyuAbdominal breathingjiu jitsuJapan
FumikomiStamping kickjiu jitsuJapan
Fumikomi GeriStamping kickKarateJapan
fundamentosbasics; used to describe the philisophical roots of capoeiraCapoeriaBrazil
Furi TsukiCircular punchKarateJapan
Fusen GachiWin by defaultJudoJapan
Gaan DasinJudgingMuay ThaiThailand
Gaeshi Twistjiu jitsuJapan
Gai JinOutsider - commonly used by Japanese as a term for a foreignerjiu jitsuJapan
Gake Propjiu jitsuJapan
GamagangThe refereeMuay ThaiThailand
Gammen Between the eyesjiu jitsuJapan
Gangkeng MuayThe boxers trunk - Upper bodyMuay ThaiThailand
Ganmen The facejiu jitsuJapan
GantGANT - GloveSavateFrance
GantihanExchange of blowsArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Gao tiBack flipKung Fu/WushuChina
GARDE GARDE - Guard positionSavateFrance
Garote'ng Itakflat stickArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Gatame arm bar (lock)jiujitsuJapan
Gatame Holdjiu jitsuJapan
GAUCHEGAUCHE - LeftSavateFrance
Gawn WelaaNovice fights held before the main fights.Muay ThaiThailand
Ge buArmsKung Fu/WushuChina
Gedan Below the waistjiu jitsuJapan
GedanLower areaKarateJapan
Gedan BaraiDownward blockKarateJapan
Gedan Uchi BaraiOutside downward block (open hand)KarateJapan
Genshin Intuitionjiu jitsuJapan
Geri Kickjiu jitsuJapan
GiA generic term for a uniformjiu jitsuJapan
gingabasic movement of capoeira which through continous motion allows an easy entrance to either offensive or defensive actionCapoeriaBrazil
GinoshoGinoshoThe technical merit prize awarded to a Maegashira rikishi who displays exceptional technique and variety in winning at least 8 of his 15 bouts.SumoJapan
GiriDuty; What you have to doAikidoJapan
GiriCutjiu jitsuJapan
Glass JawGlass Jaw-A glass jaw or glass chin means someone who has a weak chin and especially prone to knock outs when struck in the jaw.BoxingUSA
GohonFive-finger strikejiu jitsuJapan
golpestrike or blow; attacking movementCapoeriaBrazil
Gomen nasai Excuse me, I'm sorryjiu jitsuJapan
Gong buBow stanceKung Fu/WushuChina
Gong fuWushu aka kung fu = skillKung Fu/WushuChina
Goshi Hipjiu jitsuJapan
Goshin JutsuArt of self defenseJudoJapan
GoshinGoshin-jiu jitsuJapan
GouCrain (Hand crain position)Kung Fu/WushuChina
GrajabGroin guard - avoiding getting hitMuay ThaiThailand
Grammon SrisaVital point on the top of the headMuay ThaiThailand
GrasawbPunching bag or bagMuay ThaiThailand
GROUPE GROUPE - Chambering the leg (ready position) before a kickSavateFrance
GunbaidoriGunbaidoriWhen the judges agree with the decision of the gyoji.SumoJapan
gungalarge bass berimbauCapoeriaBrazil
Gunting"scissors" or passing blockArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
GurumaWheeljiu jitsuJapan
Gyaku Mawashi GeriReverse round house kickKarateJapan
Gyaku TsukiReverse punchKarateJapan
Gyaku Reversejiu jitsuJapan
GyojiGyojiThe referee.SumoJapan
Ha Cutting edge of bladejiu jitsuJapan
Ha5Muay ThaiThailand
Habangwhile; in the meantimeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Hachiji DachiNatural stance (feet shoulder width apart, toes pointed slightly out)KarateJapan
Hachiji Open leggedjiu jitsuJapan
HachimachiTowel used as a headbandjiu jitsuJapan
Hadaka Jimenaked strangle or chokejiujitsuJapan
Hadaka Nakedjiu jitsuJapan
Hagad-Hubadstrikes & countersArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Hagibiswhirlwind; throwing & grappling techniquesArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Hagisto throw; a throwing techniqueArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
HaiYesjiu jitsuJapan
Haishu Back of handjiu jitsuJapan
Haisoku Instepjiu jitsuJapan
Haisoku BaraiInstep blockKarateJapan
Haisoku GeriKicking with the instepKarateJapan
Haito UchiRidge hand strikeKarateJapan
Haito Ridge handjiu jitsuJapan
HaiwanBack of forearmjiu jitsuJapan
HakamaSplit skirt worn by some martial artists - a Samurai's equivalent of a cowboy's chapsjiu jitsuJapan
Hakbangto step; footworkArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Hakbang-Paiwasfull side step/step to avoid strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Hakkaku Octagonaljiu jitsuJapan
Halo-Halocombination; free flow sparringArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Han Zenkutsu DachiHalf front stanceKarateJapan
Hanashi-wazaTechniques from escaping from holdsjiu jitsuJapan
Hanayrow or lineArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
HanboThree foot wooden staffjiu jitsuJapan
Hanbon QurogeeHanbon Qurogee- One Step SparringTaekwondoKorea
HANCHEHANCHE - HipSavateFrance
Handa"Get ready !"Arnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Hando no KuzushiUnbalancing by reactionJudoJapan
Hane Springjiu jitsuJapan
Hansoku-makeMost serious penalty, disqualificationJudoJapan
HantaiOpposite sidejiu jitsuJapan
HanteiReferee call for judge's decisionJudoJapan
HaoGoodKung Fu/WushuChina
Haposstrike or slashArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Happo All around - typically cardinal directionsjiu jitsuJapan
Happo no KuzushiKuzushi in 8 directionsJudoJapan
Happo-barakiTotal awareness of one's surroundingsjiu jitsuJapan
Hapsanayfree sparringArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Hara KiriRitual suicide with a knife, practiced by the Samurai - the informal term for Seppukujiu jitsuJapan
HaraThe lower abdomen - the source of a person's spiritjiu jitsuJapan
HaraiSweepingjiu jitsuJapan
HariteHariteAn open-fisted slap to the side of your opponent's face.SumoJapan
HaruSpringHaruSpring; used to describe the major tournament in March.SumoJapan
Hasami TsukiScissors punchKarateJapan
Hatakto pullArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Hatama Headjiu jitsuJapan
Hatawa full power strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
HatsuFirstHatsuFirst; used to describe the New Year basho in January.SumoJapan
HAUT, EN HAUTHAUT, EN HAUT - High (level)SavateFrance
Hawakto holdArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Hawak-Gitnaholding the stick in the middleArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Hawak-Pakalreverse or ice-pick gripArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Hawak-Punyoregular hold on weapon with punyoArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Hawak-Sagadregular grip with no punyoArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Hawak-Saksakregular or hammer gripArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Hawak-Sandatamethods of holding a weaponArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Hawak-Susireverse grip; holding at tip of stickArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Hayaku Quicklyjiu jitsuJapan
HaymakerHaymaker-A haymaker is a wild punch thrown with a lot of force and the persons full body weight behind in hopes of a knock out.BoxingUSA
Hechyo MakiHechyo Maki- Wedge BlockTaekwondoKorea
HeianAt peacejiu jitsuJapan
HeikoParalleljiu jitsuJapan
Heiko DachiParallel stance (feet shoulder width apart)KarateJapan
Heiko TsukiParallel punchKarateJapan
HeisokuAttentionjiu jitsuJapan
Heisoku DachiClosed foot stance (feet together)KarateJapan
HenkaHenkaSide-stepping your opponent's initial charge at the tachi-ai.SumoJapan
HeyaHeyaA Sumo "stable."SumoJapan
Heya-gashiraHeya-gashiraThe highest-ranked rikishi in a stable.SumoJapan
HiA groove in the blade of a swordjiu jitsuJapan
Higotto tieArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Hiji UchiElbow strikeKarateJapan
Hiji UkeElbow blockKarateJapan
Hijielbow (strike)jiujitsuJapan
HikiPull; tugAikidoJapan
Hiki UkePulling/grasping blockKarateJapan
Hiki Pulljiu jitsuJapan
HikitePulling hand -- usually the hand gripping a sleeveJudoJapan
Hiki-wakeNo decision--tie or drawJudoJapan
HikiwazaHikiwazaTechnique of pulling down your opponent usually after side-stepping his initial charge.SumoJapan
Hindino or negativeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
HineriA twistAikidoJapan
Hineri Turn-overjiu jitsuJapan
Hintaywait or pauseArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Hiraken Fore-knucklejiu jitsuJapan
HiramakuHiramakuAnother name for the rank of maegashira.SumoJapan
HishigiCrushjiu jitsuJapan
HitaiForeheadjiu jitsuJapan
Hito-e-miBlending with motion of attackAikidoJapan
Hitori waza invisible partner practicejiu jitsuJapan
Hiwato slashArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Hiza Gashira Knee capjiu jitsuJapan
Hiza GeriKnee kick (also called Hiza Ate)KarateJapan
Hiza Uke.Knee blockKarateJapan
Ho Sin SulHo Sin Sul- Self DefenseTaekwondoKorea
Hok6Muay ThaiThailand
Hon Fingersjiu jitsuJapan
HonbashoHonbashoA major tournament where a rikishi's rank on the banzuke is determined by his performance.SumoJapan
HongHong- RedTaekwondoKorea
HoogoHoogo- Body ArmourTaekwondoKorea
HookA hook. The english word "hook" is alsoMuay ThaiThailand
HORS COMBATHORS COMBAT - Knockout (KO), or unable to continueSavateFrance
Horyo ChagiHoryo Chagi- Reverse Turning KickTaekwondoKorea
Hou saoBack sweepKung Fu/WushuChina
HuaHeadMuay ThaiThailand
HuachaiHeartMuay ThaiThailand
Hubadto untieArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
HuiYes (lit: can) Repeat the verb = yesKung Fu/WushuChina
Hui bu hui?Can you do... (lit: can not can?)Kung Fu/WushuChina
Hulagposto escape from capture or restraintArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Huo dongWarmupKung Fu/WushuChina
Huo dong kai le ma?Did you warm up enough?Kung Fu/WushuChina
HyakuOne HundredKarateJapan
iaia, ioioterms used by slaves for daughters and sons of the masterCapoeriaBrazil
IaidoThe art of drawing the swordjiu jitsuJapan
Iaito Blunt training sword slightly longer than a katanajiu jitsuJapan
Ibabadown or belowArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Ibabawabove or on-topArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
IbukiA breathing method featuring a long exhalation, followed by a short cough to clear lungsAikidoJapan
IchiOnejiu jitsuJapan
IdoMovementjiu jitsuJapan
IdoriTechniques practiced from seizaAikidoJapan
Ikki-niIn one breath; instantlyAikidoJapan
Ikotturn or about-faceArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Ikot-Hantawspinning strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Ilagto evadeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Ilalimunder or underneathArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Ilustrisimotechniques from Grandmaster Anotio IlustrisimoArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Ima Nowjiu jitsuJapan
InashiInashiA well-timed slap to the opponent's side causing him to fall to the ring floor.SumoJapan
In-ibukiInternal (quiet) breathingAikidoJapan
INTEGRALEINTEGRALE - One-piece body suit (Unitard, or Catsuit)SavateFrance
INTERDITINTERDIT - ForbiddenSavateFrance
Ipitto lock, trap or jamArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Ipit-Hagisa sacrifice throwing techniqueArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
IpponVictory in one move, one pointJudoJapan
Irimi Enterjiu jitsuJapan
irst DanShodanKarateJapan
IshiStonejiu jitsuJapan
Itaasabove, upper or to the frontArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Itaklong sword or boloArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
iunarhythm for slow elegant play by graduate studentsCapoeriaBrazil
Iwasto avoid, dodge or duckArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
JAMBEJAMBE - LegSavateFrance
JAMBE TENDUEJAMBE TENDUE - Straight or outstretched legSavateFrance
JAMBIEREJAMBIERE - ShinpadSavateFrance
JamookNoseMuay ThaiThailand
Jan NimJan Nim- MasterTaekwondoKorea
Jang waTiming and rhytmMuay ThaiThailand
Jayo QurogeeJayo Qurogee- Free SparringTaekwondoKorea
Jecheo JireugiJecheo Jireugi- Upper Cut PunchTaekwondoKorea
Ji shuTechniqueKung Fu/WushuChina
JianShouldersKung Fu/WushuChina
JiaoFeetKung Fu/WushuChina
Jigotai Defensive posturejiu jitsuJapan
JigotaiDefensive postureJudoJapan
JikanReferee call to stop the clockJudoJapan
JimeChoke / stranglejiu jitsuJapan
Jime chokejiujitsuJapan
JimeStrangle, or choke.jiu jitsuJapan
Jintai The bodyjiu jitsuJapan
JireugiJireugi- PunchTaekwondoKorea
Jita KyoeiPrinciple of mutual prosperityJudoJapan
JitsuArtjiu jitsuJapan
JitsukaPractitioner of Jiu Jitsujiu jitsuJapan
Jiu9Kung Fu/WushuChina
JiuJiu- Gentle or yieldingjiu jitsuJapan
Jiu-Jitsu gentle practicejiujitsuJapan
JoShort staff (~130 cm length)AikidoJapan
JoJo- Short staff - about 4 feet longjiu jitsuJapan
JobajutsuJobajutsu- Japanese art of horsemanship.jiu jitsuJapan
JodanUpper areaKarateJapan
Jodan UkeUpward blockKarateJapan
JodanJodan- Above the shouldersjiu jitsuJapan
JodoJodo- The way of the jo-staffjiu jitsuJapan
JohoJoho- Upwardsjiu jitsuJapan
JohsokutelJohsokutel- Ball of footjiu jitsuJapan
Joochum SogiJoochum Sogi- Horse Back (Sitting) StanceTaekwondoKorea
JosekiPlace of honor, upper seatJudoJapan
JosekiJoseki- The area in a dojo where instructors line up and face the students at the beginning and end of each practice session.jiu jitsuJapan
Ju no KataForms of gentlenessJudoJapan
Ju no RiPrinciple of flexibility or yieldingJudoJapan
JudoGentle or flexible wayJudoJapan
Judo IchidaiA Judo life--Spending one's life in the diligent pursuit of JudoJudoJapan
JudogiJudo practice uniformJudoJapan
JudokaOne who studies JudoJudoJapan
Juego Todoanything goes or free-for-all fightArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Jui shi90Kung Fu/WushuChina
Ju-ichiJu-ichi- Elevenjiu jitsuJapan
JuizoJuizo- Kidneysjiu jitsuJapan
JujutsuGentle artJudoJapan
JungyoJungyoA Sumo tour to areas outside the four honbasho locations. These exhibitions have no bearing on a rikishi's rank.SumoJapan
JuryoJuryoThe rank below maegashira; the lowest of the sekitori.SumoJapan
KaaLegMuay ThaiThailand
Kaayusanorder or organizationArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Kabakaspartner or assistantArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
KabutoKabuto- A helmet worn by Samuraijiu jitsuJapan
Kachi-koshiKachi-koshiA majority of wins at a major tournament.SumoJapan
Kadenachain or series of movementsArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
KadobanKadobanA term used to describe an Ozeki who lost a majority of his bouts (makekoshi) at the previous tournament. Losing a majority of bouts again while kadoban means that the Ozeki will be demoted to Sekiwake for the next basho. He may be promoted back up to Ozeki if he posts 10 wins the next basho after demotion.SumoJapan
Kadyota shallow, snap thrustArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
KaenArmMuay ThaiThailand
KaeshiKaeshi- Counterjiu jitsuJapan
Kaeshi WazaCounter techniquesJudoJapan
KagangaiVital point jawboneMuay ThaiThailand
Kagi TsukiHook punchKarateJapan
KahoKaho- Downwardsjiu jitsuJapan
KaiCampMuay ThaiThailand
Kai muayBoxing camp (aka muay thai training camp)Muay ThaiThailand
KaiKai- Associationjiu jitsuJapan
KaikenKaiken- A type of knife about 6 inches longjiu jitsuJapan
Kaikoken TsukiCrab shell fistKarateJapan
KaishiBegin - StartKung Fu/WushuChina
KaisoKaiso- Founderjiu jitsuJapan
KaitenKaiten- Rotation/rotaryjiu jitsuJapan
Kaiten-jukiThe axis of rotation of a techniqueAikidoJapan
KakatoKakato- The heel of the footjiu jitsuJapan
Kakato GeriHeel kickKarateJapan
KakeKake- Completion of a techniquejiu jitsuJapan
KakeCompletion or execution of techniqueJudoJapan
KakuagKakuagePromotion in rank.SumoJapan
Kalasdisengage, release or disarmArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Kalasagto shieldArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Kalas-Sandatadisarming techniqueArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Kalia southern Philippine martial artArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Kaliwaleft sideArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
KallyoKallyo- Separate (no grappling in Taekwondo tournaments!)TaekwondoKorea
KamaKama- Sicklejiu jitsuJapan
KamabVital point - templesMuay ThaiThailand
Kama-DeBear handKarateJapan
KamaeReady and alertKarateJapan
KamaeKamae- Posturejiu jitsuJapan
Kamaythe handArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Kamayanempty-hand trainingArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
KamizaKamiza- Seat of the Spirits - part of a dojojiu jitsuJapan
Kamotto punchArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
KanKan- A martial arts schooljiu jitsuJapan
KanKanSixth sense. Frequently used in the expression "sumo-no-kan," or sixth sense in the ring, to describe a rikishi who has sat out for some time and is trying to get his feel for actual tournament competition again.SumoJapan
Kananright sideArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Kani basamiKani basami- Crabjiu jitsuJapan
KanjiKanji- Japanese or Chinese written charactersjiu jitsuJapan
Kanketsu GeriStamping kick, joint kickKarateJapan
Kansetsu WazaJoint locking techniquesJudoJapan
KansetsuKansetsu- Joint lockjiu jitsuJapan
KantoshoKantoshoThe Fighting Spirit prize awarded to the Maegashira rikishi who displays outstanding tenacity in his sumo by winning at least 8 of his 15 bouts.SumoJapan
Kao9Muay ThaiThailand
KaoKneeMuay ThaiThailand
Kao drongFrontal knee kickMuay ThaiThailand
Kao kongOver arm knee kickMuay ThaiThailand
Kao lodLow kneeMuay ThaiThailand
Kao loyJumping knee kick. Literally: "knee jump"Muay ThaiThailand
KappoResuscitation techniquesJudoJapan
KaraKara- Emptyjiu jitsuJapan
KarameTo tie up; to arrestAikidoJapan
KarameKarame- To restrainjiu jitsuJapan
KaramiAn entanglementAikidoJapan
KarateKarate- Empty handjiu jitsuJapan
KarategiKarategi- A uniform worn by karate studentsjiu jitsuJapan
KaratekaKarateka- Student of Karatejiu jitsuJapan
Karui-geikoLight, easy practiceAikidoJapan
Kasato cock or chamber; to accept a challengeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
KashakiKashaki- Continuousjiu jitsuJapan
Kashaki-uchiContinuous attackAikidoJapan
KashiKashi- Legsjiu jitsuJapan
KasumiKasumi- Templejiu jitsuJapan
KataKata- A sequence of movements - a formjiu jitsuJapan
Katame grapplingjiujitsuJapan
Katame no kataForms of grapplingJudoJapan
KatanaKatana- A classic Japanese sword favoured by the Samuraijiu jitsuJapan
KatateKatate- One handjiu jitsuJapan
Katawanbody or torsoArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Katipunanorganization, association or brotherhoodArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
KatsuKatsu- Revival techniquesjiu jitsuJapan
Kawi MakiKawi Maki- Double BlockTaekwondoKorea
KeageKeage- Hookjiu jitsuJapan
KeikoKeiko- Trainingjiu jitsuJapan
KeikoKeikoSumo practice.SumoJapan
Keikoken TsukiOne knuckle fistKarateJapan
KeikokuPenalty (no longer used)JudoJapan
KekomiKekomi- Thrustjiu jitsuJapan
KempoKempo- Japanese translation of the Chinese 'Chuan Fa', or 'Fist way'jiu jitsuJapan
KenKen- Fist or knucklejiu jitsuJapan
KenKen- Swordjiu jitsuJapan
KendoKendo- The way of the swordjiu jitsuJapan
Kenka YotsuOpposite grips used by each person, one right/one leftJudoJapan
KenkokotsuKenkokotsu- Shoulder bladesjiu jitsuJapan
Kenkoyderogatory term used for unrealistic or impractical styles of fightingArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
KesaKesa- Diagonal or 'scarf'jiu jitsuJapan
Khuen KruThe ceremony in which a teacher acceptsMuay ThaiThailand
KiKi- The energy of lifejiu jitsuJapan
Ki o tsukeAttentionJudoJapan
KiaiKiai- Coming together of energy - typically vocalised as a shoutjiu jitsuJapan
KiaiTo gather spirit with a shoutJudoJapan
Kiba DachiHorse riding stanceKarateJapan
KibaKiba- Horsejiu jitsuJapan
KibomKibom- TechniqueTaekwondoKorea
KihonKihon- Basicsjiu jitsuJapan
KikanKikan- Tracheajiu jitsuJapan
KikuKiku- Lowerjiu jitsuJapan
Kilat"Lightning Blow"Arnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
KimariteKimariteTechnique used to win a sumo bout. Click here to see the entire list.SumoJapan
KimeKime- Focusjiu jitsuJapan
Kime no KataForms of decisionJudoJapan
KinboshKinboshiLiterally a "gold star." When a Maegashira-ranked rikishi topples a Yokozuna, he receives an extra 15,000 yen monthly stipend each month for the rest of his sumo career. If a rikishi has 5 kinboshi, he receives 75,000 yen extra a month regardless of his rank.SumoJapan
Kinshi WazaTechniques prohibited in competitionJudoJapan
KinshoKinsho- Groinjiu jitsuJapan
KiotsukiKiotsuki- Come to attentionjiu jitsuJapan
KizaKiza- On toes from seizajiu jitsuJapan
Kizami TsukiLeading punch, or jabKarateJapan
Knock downKnock down -A knockdown occurs when a boxer get hits and touches the floor or when he sitting against the ropes and they are holding him or her up.BoxingUSA
KoKO-Or the knockout this occurs when a fighter is floored or knocked down and unable to return to his or her feet unassisted after a ten count.BoxingUSA
KoKo- Minorjiu jitsuJapan
Ko UchiBent wrist strikeKarateJapan
Ko UkeWrist blockKarateJapan
Koa SogiKoa Sogi- Cross StanceTaekwondoKorea
KodachiKodachi- Small sword' - forerunner of the wakizashi.jiu jitsuJapan
KodanshaHigh ranking judoka -- 5th dan and aboveJudoJapan
KodokanJudo institute in Tokyo where Judo was foundedJudoJapan
KodokanKodokan- Headquarters of Judo in Japan.jiu jitsuJapan
Kogeki SeyoOrder for judoka to attackJudoJapan
KohaiKohai- Junior studentjiu jitsuJapan
KohoKoho- To the backjiu jitsuJapan
KokaScore less than a yukoJudoJapan
KokoKoko- Tiger mouth (area between thumb and forefinger)jiu jitsuJapan
KokoroSpirit, will, heart, intuition, moodAikidoJapan
Kokoro-gamaeMental attitudeAikidoJapan
KokugikanKokugikanThe indoor stadium in Tokyo where 3 out of each year's six tournaments are held.SumoJapan
KokutsuBackward leaningAikidoJapan
Kokutsu DachiBack stanceKarateJapan
KokyuKokyu- Breathjiu jitsuJapan
KomiKomi- Pullingjiu jitsuJapan
KomusubiKomusubiThe lowest of the three sanyaku ranks.SumoJapan
KonoeKonoe- Leafjiu jitsuJapan
Koo ekThe most important bout.Muay ThaiThailand
Kooman- StopKooman- StopTaekwondoKorea
KoryuOld styleAikidoJapan
KoryuKoryu- Old stylejiu jitsuJapan
Kosa UkeCross blockKarateJapan
KosaKosa- Cross-leggedjiu jitsuJapan
KoshiKoshi- Hipjiu jitsuJapan
Koshi WazaHip techniquesJudoJapan
Koshi-taKoshi-ta- Back plate on Hakama.jiu jitsuJapan
KoshoKoshoA status given to an injured rikishi that guarantees his place on the banzuke for the tournament he will miss due to the injury. The injury must be sustained during a hon-basho bout.SumoJapan
KotaiKotai- Changejiu jitsuJapan
Kote UchiForearm strikeKarateJapan
KoteKote- Wristjiu jitsuJapan
KouMouthKung Fu/WushuChina
Kou shuOld term for WushuKung Fu/WushuChina
KradotJumpMuay ThaiThailand
Kradot dtae wiangJumping roundhouse kickMuay ThaiThailand
Krisserpentine blade knifeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
KruTeacher - instructorMuay ThaiThailand
Kru muayMuay thai teacher or instructorMuay ThaiThailand
Kruang RangBands worn around the bicepsMuay ThaiThailand
KuaHipsKung Fu/WushuChina
Kuai yi dianFaster!Kung Fu/WushuChina
KumikataGripping methodsJudoJapan
KumitachiKumitachi- Sword partnership practicejiu jitsuJapan
Kunsigrappling techniquesArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Kuntao"fist way"; systemArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
KurabashiKurabashi- Side of anklejiu jitsuJapan
KusarigamaKusarigama- Sickle with a rope or chain attachedjiu jitsuJapan
KushinSpringing in to attackAikidoJapan
KusshinukeTo dodge an attackAikidoJapan
KuzureModified holdJudoJapan
KuzushiUnbalancing the opponentJudoJapan
KwaaRight sideMuay ThaiThailand
KwonKwon- Fist (or, "to smash with the fist")TaekwondoKorea
KyesokKyesok- ContinueTaekwondoKorea
KyokaiKyokaiOr Sumo Kyokai. The governing body of professional sumo in Japan.SumoJapan
Kyong NeKyong Ne- BowTaekwondoKorea
Kyucolor belt degreejiujitsuJapan
KyujoKyujoSitting out a tournament due to injury.SumoJapan
KyukeiKyukei- Dismissal after bowjiu jitsuJapan
KyushoKyusho- Vital points on the bodyjiu jitsuJapan
KyushuKyushuRefers to the last major tournament of the year held in Fukuoka in November. Fukuoka is located on Kyushu, the southernmost island of the four major islands which make up Japan.SumoJapan
La Contrato meet a strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
La Seguidato follow a strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Labanto fightArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Labanangto fightArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Labanang-Dikitanclose quarters combatArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Labanang-Malapitanmedium range combatArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Labanang-Malayuanlong range combatArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Laban-Larocombat drills or "play fights"Arnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Laban-Sanaycombat-skills trainingArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Labasthe outsideArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Labo-laboanything-goes fightArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
ladainhaintroductory solo of roda or game, usually sung by a masterCapoeriaBrazil
Lang taoInstepMuay ThaiThailand
Lansito confuse or misdirectArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Lansing-Sikadspinning snap kickArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Lansing-Tadyakspinning thrust kickArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Largo Manolong rangeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Laroto playArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Laro-larogive and take drills or trainingArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Larongto playArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Laslasto cut to shredsArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Lastikoa style of arnis that emphasizes bobbing & weaving toavoid strikesArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
LATERAL - SidewaysLATERAL - SidewaysSavateFrance
LeiYes (lit: exhausted)Kung Fu/WushuChina
Lei bu lei?Are you exhaustedKung Fu/WushuChina
Lei si le?Very very exhausted (lit: exhausted to death)Kung Fu/WushuChina
Lengua de Fuegoa fast series of thrust & slash techniquesArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
LianFaceKung Fu/WushuChina
LianTrainKung Fu/WushuChina
Lian gongTrain wushu - practice wushuKung Fu/WushuChina
Lian wuTrain wushu - practice wushuKung Fu/WushuChina
LieoLie- Nojiu jitsuJapan
LiheInside circle kickKung Fu/WushuChina
Lihisto the side or side-stepArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
LimpeeVital point - solar plexusMuay ThaiThailand
Liu6Kung Fu/WushuChina
Liu shi60Kung Fu/WushuChina
Liyadto lean awayArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Lock & Blocktraining drill from Serrada EskrimaArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Loobthe insideArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
LopDuckMuay ThaiThailand
Lubudto blendArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Lusobattack or partner taking offensive role in the trainingArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Lutangtofloat; the unique forward and backward footwork of the Ilustrisimo systemArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
lutarto fightCapoeriaBrazil
Ma buHorse stanceKung Fu/WushuChina
MaaiCombat engagement distanceAikidoJapan
MaaiMaai- Fighting distancejiu jitsuJapan
MaaiSpace or engagement distanceJudoJapan
Mabilisfast or speedyArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
macacomonkey; flourishCapoeriaBrazil
macaquinholittle monkeyCapoeriaBrazil
Macho QurogeeMacho Qurogee- Competition SparringTaekwondoKorea
maculelrhythmic perfomance stick fighting, often associated with capoeira cultureCapoeriaBrazil
MaeMae- Frontjiu jitsuJapan
MaeForward, frontJudoJapan
Mae Geri KeageFront snap kickKarateJapan
Mae Geri KekomiFront thrust kickKarateJapan
Mae SabakiFrontal escapeJudoJapan
Mae Tobi GeriJumping front kickKarateJapan
Mae UkemiFalling forwardJudoJapan
MaegashiraMaegashiraThe rank below komusubi and above juryo; the lowest of the makuuchi division.SumoJapan
Mae-no-senTaking the initiative; Attacking the instant your opponent thinks about itAikidoJapan
Magalinghighly skilledArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Mag-Olisione who practices stick-fightingArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Magulangparents; shrewd or slyArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Maharlikanoble or nobilityArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Mahinaweak or of poor skillsArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
MakeMake-koshiA majority of losses.SumoJapan
Makete KatsuMakete Katsu- Finding victory in defeatjiu jitsuJapan
MakiWrapped aroundAikidoJapan
MakiMaki- Wrapped aroundjiu jitsuJapan
MakiMaki- BlockTaekwondoKorea
MakikaMakikaeChanging the grip on your opponent's belt, usually from outside to inside.SumoJapan
MakikomiMakikomi- Windingjiu jitsuJapan
Makiwara punching boardjiujitsuJapan
MakiwaraMakiwara- Punching boardjiu jitsuJapan
MakushitaMakushitaThe rank below juryo.SumoJapan
MakuuchiMakuuchiThe division containing the top five ranks in Sumo: yokozuna, ozeki, sekiwake, komusubi and maegashira.SumoJapan
Malakasstrong, powerful or influentialArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
malandragemdouble-dealing or cunningCapoeriaBrazil
malandrocrook or streetwise personCapoeriaBrazil
Malapitannear or closeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Malayuanfar or distantArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
malciadeception, trickery, double-dealingCapoeriaBrazil
Man yi dianSlower!Kung Fu/WushuChina
ManabuManabu- To learn by emulationjiu jitsuJapan
mandigueirosorceror; healer; synonym for capoeira playerCapoeriaBrazil
Mano y Manohand to handArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Manriki GusariManriki Gusari- A chain about 3 feet long with weights at each endjiu jitsuJapan
MaraiMarai- Tapping the hand to show submission.jiu jitsuJapan
Maramimany or numerousArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Maraming Salamat Po"Many thanks"Arnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
MARCHE-CROISEMARCHE-CROISE - Cross-step (in front of, or behind, the lead leg)SavateFrance
martelohammer; straight kickCapoeriaBrazil
MaruMaru- Circlejiu jitsuJapan
MaruiMarui- Circularjiu jitsuJapan
Masipagearnest or hard workingArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
MassuguMassugu- Straight aheadjiu jitsuJapan
Masugiddedicated or loyalArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Masutemi WazaBack sacrifice throwsJudoJapan
MatFistMuay ThaiThailand
Mat atUppercutMuay ThaiThailand
Mat drongStraight punchMuay ThaiThailand
MataMata- The inner part of the thighjiu jitsuJapan
MatadachiMatadachi- Split in side of hakamajiu jitsuJapan
MateStop (wait)JudoJapan
Matibaystrong, durable or lastingArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Matirato be left or to be the lastArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Matira MatibaySurvival of the FittestArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Matsu-Matsu- Pinejiu jitsuJapan
MatsuiMatsui- Meditative positionjiu jitsuJapan
Matsui relaxation positionjiujitsuJapan
MattaMattaA false start at the beginning of a bout.SumoJapan
MatteMatte- Stopjiu jitsuJapan
MawashiA turn; a rotationAikidoJapan
MawashiMawashiThe silk belt that rikishi wear.SumoJapan
Mawashi GeriRound house kickKarateJapan
Mawashi TsukiRound hook punchKarateJapan
Mawashi UkeRound house blockKarateJapan
MawashiMawashi- Turningjiu jitsuJapan
Mawatte-Mawatte- Turn aroundjiu jitsuJapan
May-Alamto posses the seeds of knowledgeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
MeMe- Eyejiu jitsuJapan
Me ChumokMe Chumok- Hammer FistTaekwondoKorea
MEDIANMEDIAN - Middle (level)SavateFrance
Mediomedium rangeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
meia lua de compasso"compass half moon"; spinning kickCapoeriaBrazil
meia lua de frente"front half moon"; spinning kickCapoeriaBrazil
MenMen- Headjiu jitsuJapan
mestremaster, senior capoeira teacherCapoeriaBrazil
Meteoricameteoric strike from Grandmaster CaballeroArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
MetsubushiMetsubushi- Distracting the eyesjiu jitsuJapan
MetsukeMetsuke- Eye contactjiu jitsuJapan
MiMi- The blade of a knife or swordjiu jitsuJapan
MichibikuMichibiku- Guidingjiu jitsuJapan
Migi Heiko DachiRight foot forward Heiko DachiKarateJapan
MigiMigi- Rightjiu jitsuJapan
MikomiMikomi- Penetrating gazejiu jitsuJapan
MimiMimi- Earsjiu jitsuJapan
Ming baiUnderstand (I understand!)Kung Fu/WushuChina
Mirro ChagiMirro Chagi- Push KickTaekwondoKorea
Misogipurification ceremonyAikidoJapan
MisogiMisogi- A (spiritual) purification ceremonyjiu jitsuJapan
Mitori GeikoMitori Geiko- To learn through observation rather than practicejiu jitsuJapan
MizuMizu- Waterjiu jitsuJapan
Mizu-iriMizu-iriA break in the middle of an unusually long bout.SumoJapan
Moa SogiMoa Sogi- Close StanceTaekwondoKorea
ModotteModotte- Return to original positionjiu jitsuJapan
MokMok- NeckTaekwondoKorea
Moku rokuA catalog of techniquesAikidoJapan
MomoMomo- Upper legjiu jitsuJapan
MomtongMomtong- BodyTaekwondoKorea
Momtong BashinMomtong Bashin- Press UpsTaekwondoKorea
Momtong MakiMomtong Maki- Middle (Body) BlockTaekwondoKorea
MonMon- Family crests on uniform - often used in refernce to stripes on martial arts beltsjiu jitsuJapan
MondoMondo- A period for questions and answersjiu jitsuJapan
MongkonHeadband worn during the pre fight ceremonyMuay ThaiThailand
MonoMono-iiWhen judges meet to discuss the accuracy of a gyoji's decision.SumoJapan
MonteiMontei- An accepted studentjiu jitsuJapan
MontsukiMontsuki- Wide sleeved, formal kimono with mon on chest, sleeves and backjiu jitsuJapan
morenadark skinned womanCapoeriaBrazil
MoroMoro- Augmentedjiu jitsuJapan
MoroteMorote- With both handsjiu jitsuJapan
Morote UkeAugmented blockKarateJapan
morrerto dieCapoeriaBrazil
mortaldeadly; backflip (somersault)CapoeriaBrazil
MuMu- Emptinessjiu jitsuJapan
Muay acheepProfessional muay thai boxingMuay ThaiThailand
Muay plamMuay thai wrestlingMuay ThaiThailand
Muay sakonWestern style boxing (classic boxing)Muay ThaiThailand
Muay thaiThaiboxingMuay ThaiThailand
MudanshaStudents below black belt rankJudoJapan
Mukhathe faceArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Muliagain or one more timeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
MuneMune- Chestjiu jitsuJapan
Mune chestjiujitsuJapan
Munen mushinStriking without conscienceAikidoJapan
Munen musoThe goal of zazenAikidoJapan
Mur ChigiMur Chigi- Knee StrikeTaekwondoKorea
MurMur- KneeTaekwondoKorea
MushinMushin- Emptiness of mindjiu jitsuJapan
MusubiEnding, conclusion, unionAikidoJapan
MusubiMusubi-no-ichibanThe final bout of the day.SumoJapan
Musubi DachiFormal attention stance (heels together, feet at an angle)KarateJapan
MusubiMusubi- Unionjiu jitsuJapan
MutoMuto- No swordjiu jitsuJapan
MyakuMyaku- Vesseljiu jitsuJapan
Na kaengShinMuay ThaiThailand
Na paangForeheadMuay ThaiThailand
Naeryo ChagiNaeryo Chagi- Axe KickTaekwondoKorea
Naeryo ChigiNaeryo Chigi- Downward StrikeTaekwondoKorea
NagareNagare- Flowjiu jitsuJapan
NagashiNagashi- Flowingjiu jitsuJapan
Nagashi TsukiFlowing punchKarateJapan
Nagashi UkeSweeping blockKarateJapan
NageDoer of the technique (defender)AikidoJapan
NageNage- Throwjiu jitsuJapan
Nage throwingjiujitsuJapan
Nage no KataForms of throwingJudoJapan
Nage WazaThrowing techniquesJudoJapan
NagekomiRepetitive throwing practiceJudoJapan
NaginataNaginata- A polearm with a curved bladejiu jitsuJapan
NagoyaNagoyaA city between Osaka and Tokyo where a major tournament is held in July.SumoJapan
Naihanchi DachiKiba Dachi with the heels out and toes inKarateJapan
Nak muayThaiboxerMuay ThaiThailand
NakaNaka- Middlejiu jitsuJapan
Nakadaka KenMiddle finger knuckle fistKarateJapan
Nakawto stealArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
NakazumiNakazumi- Central line of the bodyjiu jitsuJapan
Nami- HalfNami- Halfjiu jitsuJapan
NamnakWeightMuay ThaiThailand
NanaNana- Seven (polite)jiu jitsuJapan
Naname Shiko DachiDiagonal straddle leg stanceKarateJapan
NaoreiNaorei- Command to assume an attentive stancejiu jitsuJapan
NaotteNaotte- A command to 'relax'jiu jitsuJapan
NarandeNarande- Line upjiu jitsuJapan
NatsuSummerNatsuSummer; refers to the major tournament held in May in Tokyo.SumoJapan
navalhastraight razorCapoeriaBrazil
Nawanuke JutsuNawanuke Jutsu- Dislocative escapaologyjiu jitsuJapan
NeNe- Kneelingjiu jitsuJapan
Ne WazaTechniques on the groundJudoJapan
Ne Waza ground fighting techniquesjiujitsuJapan
NebPecking kick with the ball of the foot.Muay ThaiThailand
negativa"negative"; ground equivilant of ginga positionCapoeriaBrazil
Neko Ashi DachiCat foot stanceKarateJapan
NekodamashiNekodamashiMove first used by Mainoumi where a rikishi claps his hands in front of his opponent's face at the tachi-ai to throw him off guard.SumoJapan
Ni haoHello (lit: you good)Kung Fu/WushuChina
Ni hao maHow are you (lit: you good ?)Kung Fu/WushuChina
Ni neAnd you? - What about you?Kung Fu/WushuChina
Ni shi na guo ren?Which country are you from?Kung Fu/WushuChina
Ni shuo man yi dian baPleas speak abit slowerKung Fu/WushuChina
Ni zhu zai na li?Where do you live?Kung Fu/WushuChina
Ni- TwoNi- Twojiu jitsuJapan
NidanSecond danKarateJapan
Nidan GeriDouble front snap kick (back leg first)KarateJapan
Nihon TsukiDouble punchKarateJapan
Nihon-sumo-kyokaiNihon-sumo-kyokaiThe Japan Sumo Association.SumoJapan
NinjaNinja- A japanese assassin/spyjiu jitsuJapan
NinjatoNinjato- A straight bladed short sword favoured by the ninjajiu jitsuJapan
NinjoWhat you have to doAikidoJapan
NinjutsuNinjutsu- The art of the ninja.jiu jitsuJapan
NipponNippon- Japanjiu jitsuJapan
NobashiStretched outAikidoJapan
NobashiNobashi- Stretched outjiu jitsuJapan
NodoNodo- Throatjiu jitsuJapan
NogareBreathing method featuring long exhalation with sharp gaspAikidoJapan
NON COMBATNON COMBAT - No decisionSavateFrance
NotoNoto- Sheathing the swordjiu jitsuJapan
NuamGlovesMuay ThaiThailand
Nueng1Muay ThaiThailand
Nukite TsukiFinger thrustKarateJapan
NunchakuNunchaku- Rice flail - two batons attached by a short length of cord or chainjiu jitsuJapan
OO- Majorjiu jitsuJapan
ObiObi- Beltjiu jitsuJapan
Obi beltjiujitsuJapan
ObiJudo beltJudoJapan
Oi TsukiLunge punchKarateJapan
OiOi- Lungejiu jitsuJapan
OjiA responseAikidoJapan
OjiOji- Responsejiu jitsuJapan
OkudenOkuden- Secret techniques scrolljiu jitsuJapan
OkudenSecret teachingsJudoJapan
OkuriOkuri- Sliding or accompanyingjiu jitsuJapan
OkuridashiOkuridashiA winning technique that involves pushing the opponent out of the dohyo from behind.SumoJapan
OlgoolOlgool- FaceTaekwondoKorea
Olgool MakiOlgool Maki- High (Face) BlockTaekwondoKorea
Olisi-haySparring with sticksArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
OmoteOmote- Front, outer; that which is obviousjiu jitsuJapan
Omote WazaOmote Waza- Techniques that are revealed to the publicjiu jitsuJapan
OnakaOnaka- Great Middle, the stomach areajiu jitsuJapan
OniOni- Demonjiu jitsuJapan
OpoRespectful form of saying "yes"Arnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Oraciona prayer for protectionArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
OrdabisBackhand strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
OreunOreun- RightTaekwondoKorea
Oreun SogiOreun Sogi- Right StanceTaekwondoKorea
OsaePress; push; to immobolizeAikidoJapan
OsaeOsae- Immobilisejiu jitsuJapan
Osae Komihold downjiujitsuJapan
OsaekomiPin, referee call to begin timingJudoJapan
Osaekomi ToketaEscape, stop timing of holdJudoJapan
Osaekomi WazaPinning techniquesJudoJapan
OsakaOsakaA large city in Kansai, south of Tokyo where the Haru-basho, or Spring Tournament, is held in March.SumoJapan
OshiOshi- Pushjiu jitsuJapan
OsuOsu- Thank youjiu jitsuJapan
OtoshiOtoshi- Dropjiu jitsuJapan
Owest Stanteel MakiOwest Stanteel Maki- Part Mountain BlockTaekwondoKorea
OyoOyo- Fighting applications from techniques / katajiu jitsuJapan
OzekiOzekiThe second rank from the top, below yokozuna.SumoJapan
Paa pan mueBandages worn under the glovesMuay ThaiThailand
Paawasto parryArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
PaayonGoing with the forceArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Paed8Muay ThaiThailand
Pag-Galangsalutation or show of respectArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pagsilangbirth or sunriseArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pagsisisiatonement or repentanceArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pahimsugexercises or calisthenicsArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pahisaa slashing motionArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Paikotcircular strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Paiwasto avoidArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pakal"ice pick" gripArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Paladpalm of the handArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Palakas-Pulsowrist-strengthening exercisesArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Palissweep or sweeping parryArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Palis-Patida sweeping throwArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Palisutto scoopArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Palisut-sutskipping strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Palitchange or exchangeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Palit-Kamaychange or exchange gripArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
PalkupPalkup- ElbowTaekwondoKorea
Palkup ChigiPalkup Chigi- Elbow StrikeTaekwondoKorea
PalmokPalmok- ForearmTaekwondoKorea
Palmok ChigiPalmok Chigi- Forearm StrikeTaekwondoKorea
Palmok MakiPalmok Maki- Forearm BlockTaekwondoKorea
Paloto strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Paluanexchange of strikesArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pananandatastudy of the weapons of the PhilippinesArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Panastasto slashArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Panataa devotionArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
pandeirolarge tamborine played in capoeira or sambaCapoeriaBrazil
Pang ngadodge - evadeMuay ThaiThailand
Pangamotempty-hand defenseArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pangandamon-guard or ready positionArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pang-Ikyasevasion or dodgeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pang-Olisistick fightingArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pang-Ubothold or gripArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Panibagonew or a revivalArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Panipisto skim or cut thinlyArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Panukadfighting stanceArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pao buRunning - runKung Fu/WushuChina
Pao qi laiRun up - Get runningKung Fu/WushuChina
PARADE - Blocking techniquePARADE - Blocking techniqueSavateFrance
parafuso"screw"; an airial spin [flourish]CapoeriaBrazil
Pasada de Contrapass and hitArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pasokto enter, inside or on targetArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
passadafootwork, especially in the gingaCapoeriaBrazil
Pastinha (Mestre)"little folder"; famous deceased teacher of angola from BahiaCapoeriaBrazil
Pasungkitto thrust upwardArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Patalimdagger or blade weaponArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Patalonjumping or multi-level strikesArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Patibongto trapArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Patidto tripArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Patusokin a thrusting motionArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pa-upohalf side step/sitting downArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pauyongo-with-the force techniqueArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Payong sa Itaasupper umbrella blockArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
p do berimbauposition in front of the berimbauCapoeriaBrazil
Pee liangSecondsMuay ThaiThailand
Pekiticlose rangeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
pesadoheavy; strong, hardCapoeriaBrazil
PESEE - WeighingPESEE - WeighingSavateFrance
pio"top"; headspin [flourish]CapoeriaBrazil
pio de mo"hand top"; handspin [flourish]CapoeriaBrazil
PIED - FootPIED - FootSavateFrance
Pigato squeeze or wringArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Piglasto struggle or resistArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pikonone who is easily upsetArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Piktosa snap strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pilaysprain or dislocationArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pinahandogdiagonal downward strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pinasakadiagonal upward strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pinasaka Tuhodrising knee strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pinataghorizontal strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pinatindogvertical downward strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pinggaa long staff fighting systemArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pinidclosed positionArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pintoka wrist snap strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
piso"big step"; side kick [straight kick]CapoeriaBrazil
pisarto stepCapoeriaBrazil
Planchadaa horizontal strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Plansadahorizontal cut/strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Poa suffix denoting respectArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
POING - FistPOING - FistSavateFrance
ponteirastraight kick to the vitals [straight kick]CapoeriaBrazil
PoomsePoomse- PatternTaekwondoKorea
Prakcionto react faster than the opponentArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
PRE-COMBATPRE-COMBAT - Middle category contest with full contact & full protectionSavateFrance
PROTEGE-DENTS PROTEGE-DENTS - Mouthguard, gumshieldSavateFrance
Pu buFlat stanceKung Fu/WushuChina
Pukpokto hammer or pummelArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Pulsopulse or wristArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Puluhanhandle or buttArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Punong Gurohead teacher & founder of systemArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Punyobutt of stickArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
puxarto pullCapoeriaBrazil
Pyojeot ChigiPyojeot Chigi- Target StrikeTaekwondoKorea
Pyong Sohn Keut ChigiPyong Sohn Keut Chigi- Spear Hand StrikeTaekwondoKorea
Qi7Kung Fu/WushuChina
Qi ben gongBasicsKung Fu/WushuChina
Qi shi70Kung Fu/WushuChina
Qian1000Kung Fu/WushuChina
Qian saoFront sweepKung Fu/WushuChina
Qian ziRound-offKung Fu/WushuChina
quadrasfour verse songs in a call and response format, typical of regional musicCapoeriaBrazil
QuanFist - Also used as "style" for fist forms likeKung Fu/WushuChina
Quan faPunching techniqueKung Fu/WushuChina
quedastumble, mistepCapoeriaBrazil
queda de rins"kidney mistep"; movement balancing hip on elbow [flourish]CapoeriaBrazil
quexada"chin kick"; a basic cross-step kick [spinning kick]CapoeriaBrazil
quilombofugitive slave communityCapoeriaBrazil
QurogeeQurogee- SparringTaekwondoKorea
Qwan Jan NimQwan Jan Nim- Grand MasterTaekwondoKorea
rabo de raiastingray tail; kickCapoeriaBrazil
Rae oFasterMuay ThaiThailand
Raigaan muayBoxing programMuay ThaiThailand
Ram muayThe dance performed during theMuay ThaiThailand
RandoriFree styleAikidoJapan
RandoriRandori- Free practicejiu jitsuJapan
RandoriFree practiceJudoJapan
Randorico-operative sparringKarateJapan
Randori free fighting (sparring)jiujitsuJapan
Randori no KataForms of free practice techniquesJudoJapan
Randori WazaTechniques for free practiceJudoJapan
rasteiraa sweeping trip and trademark capoeira move [sweep]CapoeriaBrazil
rasteira em psweep without using hands [sweep]CapoeriaBrazil
reco-recoribbed bamboo scraper, sometimes shaped like a fishCapoeriaBrazil
Redondacontinuous double stick techniqueArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Redondocircular power strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
regionalfast athletic style of capoeira developed by Master BimbaCapoeriaBrazil
REGLEMENTS REGLEMENTS - Rules, regulationsSavateFrance
ReiRei- Bowjiu jitsuJapan
ReigiEtiquette; also reishikiAikidoJapan
ReigiReigi- Etiquettejiu jitsuJapan
ReihoForms of respect, manners, etiquetteJudoJapan
ReishikiReishiki- Dojo etiquettejiu jitsuJapan
relgiowatch; spin on one hand [flourish]CapoeriaBrazil
REMISEREMISE - Counter with the same techniqueSavateFrance
RenRen- Chainjiu jitsuJapan
Ren GeriDouble front snap kick (front leg first)KarateJapan
Ren GeriDouble front snap kick (front leg first)KarateJapan
Renoji DachiThe letter "Re" stance (or "L" stance)KarateJapan
RenrakuRenraku- Combinationsjiu jitsuJapan
Renraku WazaCombination techniquesJudoJapan
RenshuHard work on basicsAikidoJapan
REPRISEREPRISE - A Round: usually one, one and a half, or two minutesSavateFrance
Retiradato retreatArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
REVERS FRONTAL REVERS FRONTAL - Outside crescent kickSavateFrance
REVERS Jambe TendueREVERS Jambe Tendue - Turning (spinning) kick, with a straight leg throughoutSavateFrance
REVERS LATERALREVERS LATERAL - Reverse whip kick, slapping with the sole of the shoeSavateFrance
RijichoRijichoThe chairman of the Japan Sumo Association.SumoJapan
RikishiRikishiA Sumo "wrestler."SumoJapan
RIPOSTERIPOSTE - Counter (immediate)SavateFrance
RitsuRitsu- Standingjiu jitsuJapan
RitsureiA standing bowAikidoJapan
RitsureiStanding bowJudoJapan
RitsuzenStanding meditiationAikidoJapan
rodacircle; circle made of people where capoeira is playedCapoeriaBrazil
RokkuRokku- Sixjiu jitsuJapan
roler"to walk around"; turning movement using hands with feet on the ground [basic movemCapoeriaBrazil
Rompidaan upward and downward slashArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Rondacircular movement of the hands or weaponArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
RoninRonin- Wave (tossed) man - the name for a masterless Samuraijiu jitsuJapan
Ropillona double stick technique or movementArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
RunWeight categoryMuay ThaiThailand
RyoRyo- Bothjiu jitsuJapan
Ryu method or stylejiujitsuJapan
RyuRyu- Stylejiu jitsuJapan
S dobrado"folded S"; movement that takes a capoeirsta from the negativa to the ginga [flourish]CapoeriaBrazil
Sato or ofArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
SaaiLeft sideMuay ThaiThailand
SabakiBody motionAikidoJapan
SabakiSabaki- Movementjiu jitsuJapan
SabayanSimultaneous; to attack or counter at the same timeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
SablayIncomplete or imperfect; a low right to left horizontal blowArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
SabomnimSabomnim- TeacherTaekwondoKorea
Saboyto throw or scatter; an upward right to left diagonal strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sadangreverse positionArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sagasato charge or to overrunArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
SageoSageo- Utility cords carried on some swords, used by modern styles as belting cordsjiu jitsuJapan
Sagiashi DachiHeron stanceKarateJapan
SahoThe left directionAikidoJapan
SahoSaho- To the rightjiu jitsuJapan
SaiSai- A small tridentjiu jitsuJapan
Sakayto ride or go with the forceArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sakay-Salageskrima sticky hands; to follow the motion of the blocked/ checked weapon or attackArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
SakotsuSakotsu- Collarbonejiu jitsuJapan
Saksakto thrustArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Salagblock or parryArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Salagbadownward blockArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Salagbasoutside dodging and parryingArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Salag-Bisigforearm blockArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Salagsokinside dodging and parryingArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Salagtasupward blockArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Salakayto charge or attackArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Salamatto thankArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Salaminmirror or reaction drillArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Salisiopposing or opposite directionArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Salokan upward strike with the edge or pointArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Saltika snap strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Salubongto meet head-onArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Salvadorcapital city of Bahia; birthplace of CapoeiraCapoeriaBrazil
Samato join or go withArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
sambabrazilian rhythm and danceCapoeriaBrazil
Sambutcombination of footwork & form; application of techniqueArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
SamuraiSamurai- Japanese feudal knightjiu jitsuJapan
San3Kung Fu/WushuChina
San bai300Kung Fu/WushuChina
San bai liuA wushuslangword for the butterflytwist 360Kung Fu/WushuChina
san bai liu shi durotation of 360 degreesKung Fu/WushuChina
San daChinese kickboxingKung Fu/WushuChina
San shi30Kung Fu/WushuChina
San shouChinese kickboxing (other word)Kung Fu/WushuChina
SanSan- Three.jiu jitsuJapan
Sanam muayBoxing stadionMuay ThaiThailand
Sanaytraining or exposureArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
SanbangeikoSanbangeikoPractice technique where two rikishi fight over and over until exhausted.SumoJapan
Sanbon TsukiTriple punchKarateJapan
Sanchin DachiHourglass stanceKarateJapan
SandanThird DanKarateJapan
SangakuSangaku- Three sided - a trianglejiu jitsuJapan
Sanggato blockArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
SangwienRing ropesMuay ThaiThailand
SanyakuSanyakuThe group of rikishi in the Ozeki, Sekiwake, and Komusubi ranks.SumoJapan
sosaint; they are(verb)CapoeriaBrazil
Sapletquick disarmArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sarm3Muay ThaiThailand
SasaeSasae- Liftingjiu jitsuJapan
Sasak Hataka technique using fast withdrawal and twisting of the weapon to inflict a cut on the opponents checking or blocking handArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
SatoriSatori- Enlightenmentjiu jitsuJapan
SAUT SAUT -JumpSavateFrance
Saved by the bell-Saved by the bell-is when the bell rings signaling sounds before the referee finishes his count.BoxingUSA
Sawaliinterwoven slats of wood use for wallsArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
SawingA swing. Like the english word "swing"Muay ThaiThailand
SawkElbowMuay ThaiThailand
Sawk chiengDiagonal elbow strikeMuay ThaiThailand
Sawk hugLevering elbow strikeMuay ThaiThailand
Sawk klabReverse elbow strikeMuay ThaiThailand
Sawk kuDouble elbow strikeMuay ThaiThailand
Sawk sobChopping elbow elbow strikeMuay ThaiThailand
Sawk tadJab elbowMuay ThaiThailand
Sawk tongSmashing down elbow strikeMuay ThaiThailand
SayaSaya- Scabbardjiu jitsuJapan
Sebon QurogeeSebon Qurogee- Three Step SparringTaekwondoKorea
Second danNidanKarateJapan
See4Muay ThaiThailand
SeiSei- Truejiu jitsuJapan
SeiganSeigan- Natural stepjiu jitsuJapan
SeigyoSeigyo- Controljiu jitsuJapan
Seika TandenA point in the abdomen that is the center of gravityJudoJapan
SeikenSeiken- Fore-fistjiu jitsuJapan
Seiken TsukiFore fist strikeKarateJapan
Seiken TsukiFore fist strikeKarateJapan
SeikichuSeikichu- Spinejiu jitsuJapan
SeioSeio- Shoulderjiu jitsuJapan
SeiretsuSeiretsu- Formal line upjiu jitsuJapan
Seiryoku ZenyoPrinciple of maximum efficiencyJudoJapan
Seizaformal kneeling positionjiujitsuJapan
SeizaFormal kneeling postureJudoJapan
SeizaSeiza- Kneeling positionjiu jitsuJapan
SekiwakeSekiwakeThe rank below ozeki and above komusubi.SumoJapan
Seme-guchiAn opening for an attackAikidoJapan
SemeteSemete- Attackerjiu jitsuJapan
SempaiSempai- Senior studentjiu jitsuJapan
SenThe initiative; also 1000AikidoJapan
SenSen- One thousandjiu jitsuJapan
SenAttack initiativeJudoJapan
SenakaSenaka- The back of the bodyjiu jitsuJapan
SenjutsuSenjutsu- Tacticsjiu jitsuJapan
Sen-no-senSeizing initiative just as opponents initiates attackAikidoJapan
Sensei teacherjiujitsuJapan
SenseiTeacher, instructorJudoJapan
SenseiSensei- Teacherjiu jitsuJapan
SenshurakuSenshurakuThe final day of a tournament.SumoJapan
SenteThe person who takes the initiativeAikidoJapan
SenteSente- The person who takes the initiativejiu jitsuJapan
senzalaslave house; a capoeira groupCapoeriaBrazil
SeppukuSeppuku- Ritualistic suicide performed by samuraijiu jitsuJapan
Serradaclose quarters or "closing"Arnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sesan DachiSide facing straddle stanceKarateJapan
SessenSessen- Close combatjiu jitsuJapan
ShShu- Palmjiu jitsuJapan
Shang biUpper armsKung Fu/WushuChina
Shang buStep forwardKung Fu/WushuChina
ShiA (samurai) personAikidoJapan
ShiShi- Deathjiu jitsuJapan
ShiShi- Four - often 'Yon' is used instead as Shi also means deathjiu jitsuJapan
Shi10Kung Fu/WushuChina
Shi er12Kung Fu/WushuChina
Shi san13Kung Fu/WushuChina
Shi wan100000Kung Fu/WushuChina
Shi yi11Kung Fu/WushuChina
Shi Yi100000000Kung Fu/WushuChina
ShiaiShiai- Contestjiu jitsuJapan
ShiaijoCompetition areaJudoJapan
ShiatsuShiatsu- Finger pressure - a generic term for Japanese acupressure massagejiu jitsuJapan
ShichiShichi- Seven (impolite) - see Nanajiu jitsuJapan
ShidoPenalty, equal to koka scoreJudoJapan
ShihanShihan- Master instructor - usually 6th Dan or higherjiu jitsuJapan
ShihanTitle for a model teacher or "teacher who sets the standard" (i.e. Kano-shihan)JudoJapan
ShihoShiho- Four Directionsjiu jitsuJapan
ShijakShijak- Start (for instance, to commence fighting at a tournament)TaekwondoKorea
ShikakuShikaku- Blind spotjiu jitsuJapan
ShikiCeremony, style, formAikidoJapan
ShikiriShikiriThe preliminaries and warm-up before a bout.SumoJapan
Shikiri-senShikiri-senThe white lines in the center of the dohyo from which the rikishi begin a bout.SumoJapan
ShikkoOn one's kneesAikidoJapan
ShikkoShikko- Walking on the kneesjiu jitsuJapan
ShikoShikoThe stamping of feet on the ground to strengthen the legs.SumoJapan
Shiko DachiStraddle leg stanceKarateJapan
ShimeShime- Stranglejiu jitsuJapan
Shime WazaChoking techniquesJudoJapan
ShimozaShimoza- Lower seat' - position in a dojo where the students line up to face their instructorjiu jitsuJapan
ShinShin- Spiritjiu jitsuJapan
ShinaiBamboo swordAikidoJapan
ShinaiShinai- Bamboo swordjiu jitsuJapan
ShinkenShinken- A sword with a real bladejiu jitsuJapan
ShinpanA judgeShinpanA judge. Five judges sit around the dohyo to help officiate the bouts.SumoJapan
ShinshinMind and bodyAikidoJapan
ShinshinShinshin- Mind and bodyjiu jitsuJapan
Shinshin shugyoMind and body trainingAikidoJapan
Shinshin toitsuMind and body unifiedAikidoJapan
ShintaiMoving forwards, sideways & backwardsJudoJapan
ShintaiShintai- The human bodyjiu jitsuJapan
ShinzaShinza- Spirit Seat (see Kamiza)jiu jitsuJapan
ShishoShishoA stable master.SumoJapan
ShitaShita- Lowerjiu jitsuJapan
ShitagiShitagi- Gi trousersjiu jitsuJapan
Shita-noOf the lower partAikidoJapan
ShitatenageShitatenageA winning technique that involves throwing the opponent down by using an inner grip on his mawashi.SumoJapan
ShizenShizen- Natural bodyjiu jitsuJapan
ShizentaiNatural postureJudoJapan
Shizen-taiShizen-tai- Natural posturejiu jitsuJapan
ShizokuSafe spotAikidoJapan
ShizokuShizoku- Safe spotjiu jitsuJapan
ShoSho- Onejiu jitsuJapan
ShoSho- Smalljiu jitsuJapan
ShodanFirst DanKarateJapan
ShomenShomen- Front / facingjiu jitsuJapan
ShomenDojo frontJudoJapan
ShorinjiShorinji- Japanese translation of Shaolin.jiu jitsuJapan
ShoshinBeginners mindAikidoJapan
ShoshinShoshin- Beginners mindjiu jitsuJapan
Shotei Otoshi UkeOpen hand dropping blockKarateJapan
Shotei TsukiPalm heel thrustKarateJapan
Shotei UchiPalm heel strikeKarateJapan
Shotei UkePalm heel blockKarateJapan
ShotoShoto- A wooden short bladed sword about the length of a wakizashijiu jitsuJapan
ShouHandsKung Fu/WushuChina
Shuai jiaoChinese wrestlingKung Fu/WushuChina
Shucho EnbuShucho Enbu- Public demonstrationsjiu jitsuJapan
ShuchuShuchu- Concentrationjiu jitsuJapan
ShugekiShugeki- Attackjiu jitsuJapan
ShugyoTraining, pursuit of knowledgeAikidoJapan
ShugyoShugyo- Training, pursuit of knowledgejiu jitsuJapan
ShuhaiShuhai- Back of the handjiu jitsuJapan
ShukoShuko- Hand claw used to climb or fightjiu jitsuJapan
ShukunshoShukunshoThe Outstanding Performance prize awarded to a Maegashira rikishi who topples several Yokozuna and/or Ozeki along his way in winning at least 8 of his 15 bouts.SumoJapan
ShurikensShurikens- Throwing starsjiu jitsuJapan
ShutoShuto- Bladejiu jitsuJapan
Shuto UchiKnife hand strikeKarateJapan
Shuto UkeKnife hand blockKarateJapan
Shuto UkeKnife hand blockKarateJapan
ShuzenShuzen- Repairsjiu jitsuJapan
Si4Kung Fu/WushuChina
Si shi40Kung Fu/WushuChina
Sib10Muay ThaiThailand
Sibogretreat or backwardArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sikadside kickArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sikad-Gilidside snap kickArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sikad-Hatawsnap roundhouse kickArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sikad-Sungkitesnap hook kickArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sikad-Tusokfront snap kickArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sikarana Philippine martial art emphasizing kicking & empty handskillsArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Siklodto kiss the hand of an elder; a wrist lockArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Siklod Banggaa wrist lock that uses the shoulder as a leverage pointArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sikmurasolar plexusArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sikothe elbowArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sikotpush kickArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sikwatto pry; an upward strike with the punyoArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sikwat-Sikoa come-along lock with the elbow as the primary lock or center of pressureArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Silatto outmaneuver or overpowerArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sinawallito weave; a continuous double stick techniqueArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Siniguroto make doubly sure; a follow-up trapping or jamming technique (Lameco Eskrima)Arnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sipato kick; also a gameArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sipalita training drill for alternating kicksArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sipang-Hatawroundhouse kickArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
SoSo- Alljiu jitsuJapan
SodeSode- Sleevejiu jitsuJapan
SogiSogi- StanceTaekwondoKorea
Sogofinger-tip thrustArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
SohnSohn- HandTaekwondoKorea
Sohn Nal ChigiSohn Nal Chigi- Knife Hand StrikeTaekwondoKorea
Sohn Nal DoongSohn Nal Doong- Ridge Hand StrikeTaekwondoKorea
Sohn Nal MakiSohn Nal Maki- Knife Hand BlockTaekwondoKorea
Sohn Nal Mok ChigiSohn Nal Mok Chigi- Knife Hand Neck StrikeTaekwondoKorea
SOIGNEUR SOIGNEUR - Second, ring attendantSavateFrance
SojiSoji- Cleaning of a dojojiu jitsuJapan
SokatsuSokatsu- Commenting on someone's techniquejiu jitsuJapan
SokeFounder of a martial art or ryuJudoJapan
SokeiSokei- Groinjiu jitsuJapan
Sokei- GroinSoke- Head of stylejiu jitsuJapan
SokuhoSokuho- To the sidejiu jitsuJapan
Sokutei Harai UkeSole of the foot blockKarateJapan
Sokutei Osae UkePressing block with the sole of the footKarateJapan
SokutoSokuto- Edge of footjiu jitsuJapan
Sokuto GeriKicking with the foot edgeKarateJapan
Songabfinger jabArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Songkitito thrustArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sono MamaStop action; command to freezeJudoJapan
Sore MadeFinished, time is upJudoJapan
Sorng2Muay ThaiThailand
SotoSoto- Outerjiu jitsuJapan
Soto UkeOutside forearm blockKarateJapan
Stanteel MakiStanteel Maki- Mountain BlockTaekwondoKorea
Su dachiSu dachi- Standing with feet togetherjiu jitsuJapan
Suburito-Suburito- Heavy wooden swordjiu jitsuJapan
SudoriSudori- Momentumjiu jitsuJapan
Sugodto attack or rush forwardArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
SuiSui- Waterjiu jitsuJapan
SuigetsuSuigetsu- Solar plexusjiu jitsuJapan
Suklianan exchange of strikesArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sukoto surrender or give-upArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sukui UkeScooping blockKarateJapan
SukuiSukui- Scoopingjiu jitsuJapan
Suliwapass or deflectArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sulongto go forward or go aheadArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sumbradaupper umbrella blockArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
SumiSumi- Cornerjiu jitsuJapan
SumoSumoThe national sport of Japan. The Japanese here is actually "ozumo," or "Grand Sumo."SumoJapan
Sumpaa vow or oathArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Suna-kaburiSuna-kaburiThe first six spectator rows around the dohyo. The name is derived from suna, or sand, and kaburi, to wear on one's head. A spectator sitting in the first few rows around the dohyo may be hit with flying sand from the bouts in the ring.SumoJapan
Sundota jab or quick thrustArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sungkitea technique that emphasizes thrustsArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Suntokto punchArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Supletequick disarmArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Sute GeikoRandori throwing practice against a higher level judokaJudoJapan
Sutemi WazaSacrifice techniquesJudoJapan
SutemiSutemi- Sacrificejiu jitsuJapan
SuwaruSuwaru- To kneel downjiu jitsuJapan
Suyopa go with the force techniqueArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Swapangselfish or self-interestedArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
SWING Bras ArriereSWING Bras Arriere - The same punch delivered with the rear handSavateFrance
SWING Bras AvantSWING Bras Avant - A front-hand thumb down long-arm curving punchSavateFrance
Tabas Talahiba horizontal strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
TabiTabi- Japanese sock-like footwearjiu jitsuJapan
Tachi WazaStanding techniquesJudoJapan
TachiTachi- Standingjiu jitsuJapan
TachiaiTachiaiThe initial charge at the beginning of a bout.SumoJapan
Tadtadfull of or multiples ofArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Tadyakthrust kickArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Tadyak-Gilidside thrust kickArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Tadyak-Sakongback thrust kickArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Tadyak-Tusokfront thrust kickArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
TaeTae- FootTaekwondoKorea
TaegeukTaegeuk- Parent name for first 8 patternsTaekwondoKorea
Tagato strike or cutArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Tagang Alanganinan outwards horizontal strike aimed at the upper torso regionArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Tagang Buhat Arawan overhead strike aimed at the top of the headArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Tagang Pasumalaprimarily a parry, a sweeping upward diagonal strike used to deflect a weaponArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Tagang San Miguela diagonal downward and inward strike aimed at the upper torsoArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Tagapagsanaytrainer or assistant instructorArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Tagapagturosenior assistant instructorArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
TaiTai- Bodyjiu jitsuJapan
Tai SabakiBody control, turningJudoJapan
Tai-atariBody contactAikidoJapan
Tai-chikaraExternal power (muscle)AikidoJapan
TaijutsuBody artAikidoJapan
TaiketsuTaiketsuA match between two rikishi.SumoJapan
Tai-no-henkoReversing the body's positionAikidoJapan
TaisabakiBody motionAikidoJapan
Talang Bartikalvertical blockArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Talassharp or to sharpenArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Talas Damdamsensitivity trainingArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
TameshiwariTameshiwari- Breaking demonstration.jiu jitsuJapan
TanboTanbo- Short stickjiu jitsuJapan
TandenTanden- Center of balance and "ki", just below the naveljiu jitsuJapan
TaniTani- Valleyjiu jitsuJapan
Tanin-geikoPracticing with multiple attackersAikidoJapan
TanomoTanomo- Large sleeves on formal tops.jiu jitsuJapan
TantoTanto- Japanese daggerjiu jitsuJapan
TaoFootMuay ThaiThailand
Tao luForms (artistic-performance wushu)Kung Fu/WushuChina
TaoshiTo tip overAikidoJapan
TaoshiTaoshi- To tip overjiu jitsuJapan
Tapato step on the footArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Tapito parry or deflectArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Tapikto nudge, defelct or parryArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Tapi-onto block, parry, defelct or checkArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Tapi-Tapichecking; a series of parries & blocksArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Taposfinished or the endArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
TatamiTatami- Matjiu jitsuJapan
Tate hizaTate hiza- Kneeling on one calfjiu jitsuJapan
Tate TsukiVertical punchKarateJapan
TateTate- Verticaljiu jitsuJapan
Tate-gyojiTate-gyojiThe chief gyoji.SumoJapan
TatekiMultiple attackersAikidoJapan
TatekiTateki- Multiple attackersjiu jitsuJapan
Tateki-geikoPracticing with multiple attackersAikidoJapan
Tateki-uchiFighting with multiple attackersAikidoJapan
Tatlumpu't Isathirty oneArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Taubfacing downwardArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
TawaraTawaraThe narrow bales of straw that mark the perimeter of the dohyo.SumoJapan
TeHand, armJudoJapan
Te WazaHand techniquesJudoJapan
TeTe- Handjiu jitsuJapan
TeepTo push with the underside of the foot.Muay ThaiThailand
Teep dan langFoot thrust to the rearMuay ThaiThailand
Teep drongPushing with the foot straight forwardMuay ThaiThailand
Teep duen sonA heel pushMuay ThaiThailand
TegataTegataA rikishi's handprint, the Sumo equivalent of a signature.SumoJapan
Tegatana-Tegatana- The arm as swordjiu jitsuJapan
TeijiTeiji- T'-shapedjiu jitsuJapan
TeishoTeisho- Palm heeljiu jitsuJapan
Tekawait, halt or pauseArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
TekubiTekubi- Wristjiu jitsuJapan
TenchiTenchi- Heaven and earthjiu jitsuJapan
TENDUETENDUE - StraightSavateFrance
Teng kongJumpKung Fu/WushuChina
Teng kong bai lianLotus kickKung Fu/WushuChina
Teng kong fei jiaoFlying frontkickKung Fu/WushuChina
TenkanTenkan- Pivotjiu jitsuJapan
TenpaiTenpaiThe Emperor's Cup, or huge trophy awarded to the yusho rikishi.SumoJapan
Tenran-zumoTenran-zumoSumo performed before the Emperor of Japan.SumoJapan
TENUE TENUE - CostumeSavateFrance
Teok JireugiTeok Jireugi- Upset PunchTaekwondoKorea
TeppoTeppoThe striking of a wooden pole to strengthen the arms and shoulders.SumoJapan
terto haveCapoeriaBrazil
tesoura"scissors"; sweep with both legs [sweep]CapoeriaBrazil
TessenTessen- Fan (for wafting)jiu jitsuJapan
Tettsui UchiBottom fist strike (or hammer fist strike)KarateJapan
TettsuiTettsui- Hammer fistjiu jitsuJapan
Third DanSandanKarateJapan
TiKickKung Fu/WushuChina
Ti tuiKick the legs. When you practice the basic wushu kicks.Kung Fu/WushuChina
Tigilstop or ceaseArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Tigpasa horizontal strike directed at the kneesArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Tihayafacing upwardArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
TingThrowMuay ThaiThailand
Ting bu dongDon't understandKung Fu/WushuChina
Tiniklinkfootwork drillArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Tisodto stumbleArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
TKOTKO-The technical knockout occurs when an official steps in during a fight stopping the fight due to a cut or injury or when the a fighter can no longer defend themselves.BoxingUSA
Tobi Nidan GeriJumping double kickKarateJapan
TobiTobi- Jumpjiu jitsuJapan
tocarto touch; to play musicCapoeriaBrazil
TokudawaraTokudawaraThe tawara that are slightly set back from the dohyo's ring. Originally, they were to allow the gyoji to enter the ring back when the tawara were full-sized bales of straw; now they give a few extra centimeters of fighting space to hard-pressed rikishi.SumoJapan
Tokui WazaFavorite or best techniqueJudoJapan
TomoeTomoe- Stomachjiu jitsuJapan
TonfaTonfa- A rice beater - a side-handled batonjiu jitsuJapan
Tong noiStomachMuay ThaiThailand
toquesthe various rhythms (angola, regional, banguela, etc.) played by the berimCapoeriaBrazil
ToriPerson performing a techniqueJudoJapan
ToriTori- Someone 'giving' a techniquejiu jitsuJapan
TorikumiTorikumiA Sumo bout.SumoJapan
Tori-naoshiTori-naoshiA rematch, called when a bout is too close to determine the winner.SumoJapan
Totsadato thrustArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Totsarto thrustArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
TouHeadKung Fu/WushuChina
Tou faHairKung Fu/WushuChina
TOURNANTTOURNANT - TurningSavateFrance
Trancadato lock or locksArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
TsubaTsuba- Handguard on a swordjiu jitsuJapan
Tsugi ashiTsugi ashi- Sliding stepjiu jitsuJapan
Tsugi AshiWalking by bringing one foot up to anotherJudoJapan
TsukaTsuka- Handlejiu jitsuJapan
TsukamiTo seize (and immobilize)AikidoJapan
TsukamiTsukami- Seizejiu jitsuJapan
TsukiTsuki- Punchjiu jitsuJapan
TsukuriEntry into a technique, positioningJudoJapan
Tsumasaki GeriKicking with the tips of the toesKarateJapan
Tsuna-toriTsuna-toriAn act of tying the white Yokozuna rope around the waste of a newly promoted Yokozuna.SumoJapan
TsuriTsuri- Liftingjiu jitsuJapan
TsuriteLifting handJudoJapan
TsuroTsuro- Cranejiu jitsuJapan
Tuhodthe kneeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
TuiLegsKung Fu/WushuChina
Tui faLeg techniquesKung Fu/WushuChina
Tulisanthe knife-fighting art of Kali IllustrisimoArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Tunga-tungamedium rangeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Tuoto the rightArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Tusokto thrustArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Tuyokcycling movement or to spinArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Twimeo ChagiTwimeo Chagi- Jumping KickTaekwondoKorea
Uchi deshiA live-in studentAikidoJapan
Uchi Hachiji DachiNatural stance with heels out and toes inKarateJapan
Uchi Uke.Inside forearm blockKarateJapan
UchiUchi- Innerjiu jitsuJapan
UchikomiUchikomi- Inner pulling - Repeated practice of throwing techniquesjiu jitsuJapan
UchikomiRepeated practice without completionJudoJapan
UchimaDistance where you can strike by taking a single stepAikidoJapan
UchimataThe inside of the throwAikidoJapan
UchiteThe attackerAikidoJapan
UdeUde- Armjiu jitsuJapan
Ue- UpUe- Upjiu jitsuJapan
UhoUho- To the leftjiu jitsuJapan
UkeReceiver of the technique (attacker)AikidoJapan
UkeUke- Someone who 'recieves' a techniquejiu jitsuJapan
Ukeattacker (or practice partner)jiujitsuJapan
UkePerson receiving the techniqueJudoJapan
UkemiBreakfall techniquesJudoJapan
UkemiUkemi- Breakfalljiu jitsuJapan
UkiUki- Floatingjiu jitsuJapan
Ulothe headArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Unanimous decisionUnanimous decision-A unanimous decision occurs when all three judges agree on a winner.BoxingUSA
UndoUndo- Calisthenicsjiu jitsuJapan
UppercutThe english word "uppercut" isMuay ThaiThailand
Ura TsukiShort punch (palm side up)KarateJapan
Ura UkeBack hand blockKarateJapan
UraUra- Backwardsjiu jitsuJapan
Uraken UchiBack fist strikeKarateJapan
UrakenUraken- Back fistjiu jitsuJapan
UshiroBackward, rearJudoJapan
Ushiro GeriBack thrust kickKarateJapan
Ushiro Mawashi GeriRound house to the rear kickKarateJapan
Ushiro SabakiBack movement controlJudoJapan
Ushiro UkemiFalling backwardJudoJapan
UshiroUshiro- Reversejiu jitsuJapan
UtoUto- Between the eyesjiu jitsuJapan
Uwa-giUwa-gi- The jacket part of a gijiu jitsuJapan
vadiarto be up to no good; synonym for capoeiraCapoeriaBrazil
vergamain shaft of the berimbauCapoeriaBrazil
viola (violinha)the highest pitched berimbauCapoeriaBrazil
volta ao mundo"around the world"; circling the ring when one or both of the players is tiredCapoeriaBrazil
Wai baiOutside circle kickKung Fu/WushuChina
Wai KruPart of the pre fight ceromony.Muay ThaiThailand
WakaraWakara- Separation.jiu jitsuJapan
WakiWaki- Armpitjiu jitsuJapan
WakizashiWakizashi- A short sword with a curved bladejiu jitsuJapan
Walato the leftArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Walisto sweepArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Wan10000Kung Fu/WushuChina
Warwoka weapon hand capture that rebounds the weapon into the attackers bodyArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Washi-DeEagle handKarateJapan
WazaWaza- Techniquejiu jitsuJapan
Waza techniquejiujitsuJapan
Waza AriNear ippon or half pointJudoJapan
Waza ari Awasete IpponTwo waza-ari together for ipponJudoJapan
WazaWazaA technique.SumoJapan
WehteeRingMuay ThaiThailand
Weight ClassesWeight Classes-Weight classes are how the separate fighters into different divisions.BoxingUSA
WenWen- LeftTaekwondoKorea
Wen SogiWen Sogi- Left StanceTaekwondoKorea
Wetikwrist snap strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Witikwrist snap strikeArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
Wo hen haoI am fine (lit: I very good)Kung Fu/WushuChina
Wo tiao bu ji lai !I can't jump up (I cannot do this jump)Kung Fu/WushuChina
WongBand - music playing bandMuay ThaiThailand
Wong muayThe band playing during the matchMuay ThaiThailand
Wu5Kung Fu/WushuChina
Wu Bai Wu shi wu wan5550000Kung Fu/WushuChina
Wu shi50Kung Fu/WushuChina
Wu shuMartial artsKung Fu/WushuChina
Wuqian wubai wushiwu5555Kung Fu/WushuChina
Xi gaiKneessKung Fu/WushuChina
Xia biForearmsKung Fu/WushuChina
Xia chaDoing the SplitsKung Fu/WushuChina
Xia da chaDoing the big splits (side splits)Kung Fu/WushuChina
Xiao fanTumbling / back handsprings and flipsKung Fu/WushuChina
Xiao tuiCalfsKung Fu/WushuChina
Xie buSit stance (where your legs are crossed)Kung Fu/WushuChina
Xie xieThank youKung Fu/WushuChina
Xie ziShoesKung Fu/WushuChina
Xiong buChestKung Fu/WushuChina
Xu buCat stanceKung Fu/WushuChina
Xuan feng jiaoWhirlwind kickKung Fu/WushuChina
Xuan ziButterfly kickKung Fu/WushuChina
Xuan zi zhuan tiButterfly twist 360Kung Fu/WushuChina
Xuan zi zhuan tiButterfly twist 720 degreesKung Fu/WushuChina
YaStretchKung Fu/WushuChina
Ya tuiStretch legsKung Fu/WushuChina
Yabagthe sound of footstepsArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
YaebJab - borrowed from englishMuay ThaiThailand
YaekBreak or seperate. Referee:Muay ThaiThailand
YaguraYaguraThe scaffolding or tower outside the entrance to a tournament; a taiko drum is placed at the top and beaten to announce the tournament.SumoJapan
Yakaphug, hold, embrace or clinchArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
YakataYakataThe roof that is suspended above the dohyo.SumoJapan
YakibaYakiba- Edgejiu jitsuJapan
Yakusoku Geiko (or renshu)Pre-arranged free practiceJudoJapan
YamaYama- Mountainjiu jitsuJapan
Yama TsukiMountain punchKarateJapan
YamaeYamae- Stopjiu jitsuJapan
Yamae stopjiujitsuJapan
Yan jingEyesKung Fu/WushuChina
Yang gan fanMouth guardMuay ThaiThailand
Yang sam kung3-step muay thai pre fight dance partMuay ThaiThailand
Yantocrattan stickArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
YaochoYaochoA fixed bout.SumoJapan
YariYari- Spearjiu jitsuJapan
YasumeYasume- Relaxjiu jitsuJapan
YawaraYawara- Short stick used in the palm for blocks and strikesjiu jitsuJapan
Yi1Kung Fu/WushuChina
Yi10000000Kung Fu/WushuChina
Yi bai100 one hundredKung Fu/WushuChina
Ying leWinning - winKung Fu/WushuChina
YoPositive principle of natureAikidoJapan
YobidashiYobidashiThe announcers who call out the names of the rikishi at the beginning of each match.SumoJapan
Yoimake readyjiujitsuJapan
YoiYoi- Readyjiu jitsuJapan
Yo-inbukiExternal (power) breathingAikidoJapan
YokRoundMuay ThaiThailand
Yoko Geri KeageSide snap kickKarateJapan
Yoko Geri KekomiSide thrust kickKarateJapan
Yoko Kaiten UkemiSideways rolling break fallJudoJapan
Yoko Sutemi WazaSide sacrifice throwsJudoJapan
Yoko Tobi GeriJumping side thrust kickKarateJapan
Yoko UkeCircular blockKarateJapan
Yoko UkemiFalling sidewaysJudoJapan
YokoYoko- Side.jiu jitsuJapan
Yoko-furumiSideward motionAikidoJapan
YokozunaYokozunaThe highest rank in Sumo from which a rikishi cannot be demoted.SumoJapan
YonYon- Fourjiu jitsuJapan
YondanForth DanKarateJapan
Yop ChagiYop Chagi- Side KickTaekwondoKorea
Yop JireugiYop Jireugi- Side PunchTaekwondoKorea
YorikiriYorikiriA winning technique that involves forcing the opponent out of the dohyo by using a grip on his mawashi.SumoJapan
YoshiYoshi- Continuejiu jitsuJapan
YoshiResume action, continueJudoJapan
Yotsu-zumoYotsu-zumoFighting with a grip on your opponent's belt.SumoJapan
YubiYubi- Fingerjiu jitsuJapan
YudStop - used by the refereeMuay ThaiThailand
YudanshaPerson who earned the black beltJudoJapan
YudanshakaiBlack belt associationJudoJapan
Yukoto duck or bowArnis/Eskrima/KaliPhilippine
YukoScore less than a waza-ariJudoJapan
YukuriYukuri- Slowjiu jitsuJapan
YumiA bow (archery)AikidoJapan
YumiYumi- Alternatingjiu jitsuJapan
YumiYumi- Bow (archery)jiu jitsuJapan
Yusei GachiWin by judge's decisionJudoJapan
YushoYushoA tournament victory.SumoJapan
ZaZa- Kneeling positionjiu jitsuJapan
ZabutonZabutonA cushion used when sitting on the floor. Before their bouts, rikishi sit on their personal zabuton at ringside.SumoJapan
Zanshinlit. "remaining spirit", balanced and aware stateAikidoJapan
ZanshinZanshin- Awarenessjiu jitsuJapan
ZareiKneeling salutationJudoJapan
ZareiZarei- Kneeling bowjiu jitsuJapan
ZazenZazesitting meditationjiujitsuJapan
ZazenZazen- Seated meditationjiu jitsuJapan
ZenZen- An open minded meditative statejiu jitsuJapan
ZengakuZengaku- Foreheadjiu jitsuJapan
ZenkatsuZenkatsu- Forwardjiu jitsuJapan
Zenkutsu DachiFront stanceKarateJapan
Zenpo Kaiten UkemiForward rolling break fallJudoJapan
ZenpoZenpo- Frontjiu jitsuJapan
ZenwanZenwan- Forearmjiu jitsuJapan
ZhangPalm - Also used as "style" for open handKung Fu/WushuChina
Zheng tiStraight wushu kickKung Fu/WushuChina
zumbilegendary king of the quilombosCapoeriaBrazil